School, the strange couple Valditara-Concia: «Work united against violence against women»

Who would have thought? Overwhelmed by the controversy over the councilor Alessandro Amadori, author with Cinzia Corvaglia of the self-published book “The war of the sexes. Small essay on gender wickedness” ended up on the grill for the controversial conspiracy theses on alleged attempts by organized groups of women to dominate men, the Northern League Minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditara shuffle the cards. And, in the bicameral commission of inquiry into feminicide, announces to have entrusted the coordination of the project “Educating about relationships” ad Anna Paola Conciaformer Democratic MP in the 16th legislature, feminist, activist for LGBTQI rights and, above all, for seven years responsible for Didacta Italia, the spin-off of Didacta Germany, the most important event in the world on the school of the future.

The strange couple

Strange, very strange couple, you might say. But the choice makes more than sense. For Concia’s experience, for her profound knowledge of the world of school, for her sensitivity against any discrimination, for her expertise on the topic of violence against women. It is difficult, in the current panorama, to find a more suitable CV than hers to build a balanced and effective project. «With Valditara – she explains – I have been working since he became minister and I get along very well. We also discussed the topic of violence against women. From the first time we met you said you wanted to build a project against gender violence, on the culture of respect. Then he asked me to lead “Relationship Education” and I accepted.”

Concia: «Commitment against violence has no political color»

He claims to have been waging battles “for thirty years”, Concia, and he speaks the truth. «If today a minister of education wants to seriously commit to this issue. I will make all my experience available to the country, which must not have a political colour. I do it for all women, the Giulias and the new generations. I would be happy to involve Giulia Cecchettin’s father.” «”Educating about relationships” – specifies Valditara – does not consist of sexual education courses, it does not consist of gender education, but of education in respectful behavior towards women. Violence against women is a dramatic issue that questions the entire society and on which we need to work together, regardless of cultural and political differences.”

A nun and a lawyer in the working group

Practical tests of transversality, in the face of a drama that knows no boundaries, transversal as it is in terms of income and education, social class, territory. It is no coincidence that Valditara is keen to underline that the project, under the direction of Concia, will see two other women from very different backgrounds as guarantors: Sister Anna Monia Alfierireligious of the Marcelline, for years on the front line for the right to education, e Paola ZermanState Lawyer, former Government Deputy Commissioner for Anti-Drug Policies in 2021 who in the last elections was the leading candidate in Rome in the Chamber for Mario Adinolfi’s Family Party, the formation born from Family Day.

«The three of us, so different, together for a great unified effort»

«There are issues that should unite everyone without distinctions of political color or cultural affiliation», reiterate Concia, Alfieri and Zerman in a joint note. «One of these is the fight against violence against women. Unfortunately, on this issue too we have too often witnessed instrumental and divisive controversies that do not serve the cause. Minister Valditara has chosen to bring together, among the guarantors of his proposal, with equal roles, three women with very different cultural backgrounds, but sincerely aware that the time has come for a great united effort, without exploitation of any kind, for a just cause which goes in the direction of a society founded on the culture of respect, in which women are no longer the target of abuse, small and large, where there is no longer violence and discrimination”. The project, they assure, will be “based on dialogue, serious and useful for girls and boys”.

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