• Double victory in Utrecht for Irene Schouten, first podium spot for Eline Jansen

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Irene Schouten wins the second cup competition in Utrecht. (source:

Irene Schouten (Albert Heijn Zaanlander) won the second race in the Daikin Marathon Cup in Utrecht and thus took over the orange leadership suit from teammate Marijke Groenewoud (Albert Heijn Zaanlander) who missed the battle. Schouten hung out with six other women in the first half of the match. Later, three more women managed to go around, but Schouten was supreme in the sprint of the leading group. Elsemieke van Maaren (BDM / BTZ) finished second, third place went to Eline Jansen (Van Ramshort Renault) who achieved her first podium place.

In the middle of the World Cup qualifying tournament, a lot of women were at the start in Utrecht and their headquarters were set up in Thialf this weekend. Albert Heijn Zaanlander was present in Utrecht with a full quartet. Classification leader Marijke Groenewoud, who gave skating lessons with Irene Schouten last week, was there again in Utrecht. Esther Kiel (BDM / BTZ), who somewhat surprisingly qualified for the World Cup yesterday, was also back in the marathon peloton after serving a suspension.

However, it was not Groenewoud and Kiel who made the final move. Schouten did. After a 25 lap race she led a leading group with Tjilde Bennis (Turner), Nienke Smit (Haak powered by OCRE), Beau Wagemaker (PGM Bakker), Emma Engbers (VGR Sport / Vreugdenhil dairy foods), Elsemieke van Maaren and Eline Jansen who very quickly managed to put the peloton on a lap. Wagemaker, Van Maaren and Jansen were later joined by teammates Loesanne van der Geest (PGM Bakker), Ineke Dedden (BDM / BTZ) and Femke Mossinkoff (Van Ramshorst Renault), who with support also took a lap lead when the peloton was already closing in. preparing to sprint off.

Judith Krabbenborg (Haak powered by OCRE), who tried to join the trio solo, did not succeed, but she still stayed ahead of the sprinting peloton, finishing eleventh. Marijke Groenewoud won the sprint from the peloton ahead of Patricia Koot (KNSB Inline Selection), who achieved enough points with a twelfth place to take over the white leadership suit of the youth classification.

In the final that the women of the leading group then rode, several loners tried to get away, but Irene Schouten kept the group together and finished it in the sprint. With her 53rd victory on artificial ice, Schouten took over the orange leadership suit from teammate Groenewoud. Elsemieke van Maaren and Eline Jansen raced to second and third place behind Schouten. That was a first for Jansen. The 21-year-old second-year rider took the podium for the first time after two previous fourth places.

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