Scandal in Brazil! Vegetti’s stick to Soteldo

Vasco da Gama He beat Bragantino and was saved from relegation on the last date of the Brazilian. The big one that was relegated for the first time after losing at home against Fortaleza was none other than Santos.

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On October 1, Peixe beat Vasco da Gama and Yeferson Soteldo He stood above the ball as if mocking his rival. This Wednesday, December 6, Pablo Vegetti He remembered that moment after the team led by Ramón Díaz was saved from losing the category.

“I know what I said to Soteldo on the day of the game. I understand a pipe, a dribble, a bicycle, I understand everything. I believe that you don’t get an advantage by stepping on the ball. I think it was a lack of respect for us and I told him so. “commented the former Belgrano de Córdoba striker.

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Furthermore, he added: “Obviously you don’t wish anyone harm, but you have to respect. It seemed unnecessary to me because we were also suffering from the relegation fight.”

“You have to respect your rival. We were always respectful, so we also deserve respect. And what he did at that moment was not liked. You have to respect because the changes in football are very big and today Vasco stays in Serie A,” Vegetti closed.

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