SC Cambuur takes full advantage with a monster victory against TOP Oss

6 november 2023, 22:46

SC Cambuur visited Tot Ons Plezier, or TOP, Oss tonight in the Frans Heesen Stadium. This competition match was originally scheduled for last Friday, but due to the cup match against MVV Maastricht last Thursday, the match was moved to this Monday. While our yellow-blue team has cautiously regained some confidence after two victories in a row, dissatisfaction has so far dominated at the home club. Because until tonight, the Ossenaars found themselves back in the penultimate place after only two victories. And the cup adventure for TOP Oss was also short-lived this year, because FC Eindhoven was a size too big for Ruud Brood’s team on Thursday. But there should be no question of underestimation at SC Cambuur, because De Jong warned yesterday during the final training: “… then we are going to die. We’ll have to go full steam ahead. TOP Oss against SC Cambuur was also a reunion with many old acquaintances. Because with Giovanni Korte, Calvin Mac-Intosch and Delano Ladan in the Osse ranks, it must have almost felt like a small reunion for Henk de Jong.

In the Osse Kuipje, SC Cambuur beat the troubled TOP Oss this evening with very large scores: 1-8! With this, SC Cambuur recorded its first away win since the return of Henk de Jong. An important victory, because it brings it into line with the broad sub-top of the Kitchen Champion Division.

Without the suspended Remco Balk, the Leeuwarden team would have traveled to North Brabant with an empty infirmary. To create stability in the team, our head coach from Boornbergum wanted to leave the team as intact as possible, making Wiebe Kooistra the logical replacement for Balk. The 17-year-old Harrekiet made his basic debut. The red and whites were missing Giovanni Korte and Delano Ladan, among others, on the scoresheet. Calvin Mac-Intosch did kick off. Supported by seventy, loyal SCC members who traveled with us, Cambuur got off to a dream start, as in the third minute Roberts Uldrikis tapped in the 0-1 from a great cross from Milan Smit at the first post. Fifteen minutes later, Ruud Brood’s team came back on level terms almost out of nowhere. Sekou Sylla committed a slight foul on Amine Rhemi in his own box, after which referee Martin Pérez resolutely pointed to the spot. Roshon van Eijma then scored flawlessly: 1-1. Conversely, a tap from Amine Rhemi on Sekou Sylla meant that the Brabanders were forced to be on the field with one man less. Cambuur quickly benefited from the numerical superiority, as Milan Smit rounded 35e minute with a cross from Wiebe Kooistra. Just before half time, Gabi Caschili shot from far away, so that our yellow and blue team went to tea with an apparently comfortable 1-3 lead.

When Daniël van Kaam quickly put the 1-4 on the scoreboard with a dry slider in the second half, there was no problem at all for Henk de Jong’s formation. Cambuur controlled the match and had little to fear from the Osse ten. Wiebe Kooistra also crowned his basic debut with a goal. Goals from Fedde de Jong and substitutes Floris Smand and Jeremy van Mullem ultimately determined the final score of no less than 1-8. Not only special in terms of the score, but also because eight different Cambuur players managed to find the net tonight.

SC Cambuur now has a competition match against ADO Den Haag next Sunday (starting at 2:30 p.m.). The homesteaders are once again competing for the top spots this season. This is mainly due to the arrival of experienced forces such as Henk Veerman, Daryl van Mieghem and Jort van der Sande. As a result, head coach Darije Kalezić, who took office this season, has an above-average forward line by first division standards. All in all, a serious test case for Henk de Jong and his team that must show whether the upward path has finally been taken.

TOP Oss: Mike Havekotte, Calvin Mac-Intosch, (62′ Fabian Shahaj), Arthur Allemeersch, Amine Rhemi

Line-up SC Cambuur: Yanick van Osch, Sekou Sylla (72′ Thomas Poll), Leon Bergsma, Marco Tol (62′ Floris Smand), Gabi Caschili (80′ Jhondly van der Meer), Daniël van Kaam, Fedde de Jong (72′ Jeremy van Mullem ), Michael Breij, Milan Smit, Roberts Uldrikis, Wiebe Kooistra (62′ Youns El Hilali)

Referee: Martin Perez

Yellow cards: Enrico Dueñas Hernández (TOP Oss)

Red card: Amine Rhemi (TOP Oss)

Number of spectators: n.n.b.

Score progression:
3’ 0-1, Roberts Uldrikis
18′ 1-1, Roshon van Eijma (pen.)
33’ 1-2, Milan Smit
41′ 1-3, Gabi Caschili
46′ 1-4, Daniël van Kaam
59′ 1-5, Wiebe Kooistra
62′ 1-6, Fedde de Jong
74’ 1-7, Floris Smand
89′ 1-8, Jeremy van Mullem


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