Santos beats Remo and debuts in the Copinha with victory

On Thursday night, the Santos took its first steps in São Paulo Junior Football Cup in 2024. Under rain, Peixe started on the right foot by winning the Remo comeback, 2-1, at Arena Inamar, in Diadema (SP). Enzo Monteiro (2x) scored the goals for Meninos da Vila, while Matheus Grecco scored for the visitors.

With the triumph, the São Paulo team scored their first three points in Group 26 of the Copinha. However, Santos occupies second place due to the lower goal difference – earlier this Thursday, the Holy Water thrashed the Nova Venécia-ES by 4 to 0.

In their next challenge for the biggest youth competition in Brazil, Santos will face Nova Venécia. The ball rolls this Sunday, at 5:15 pm (Brasília time), at Arena Inamar, for the second round of the Copinha.

Remo, in turn, will need to recover if they want to stay alive in the tournament. The Pará team faces Água Santa, also this Sunday, but a little earlier, at 3 pm.

Santos started the match by putting pressure on Remo and giving goalkeeper João Victor trouble. And it was just after six minutes that Peixe arrived in danger. Hyan advanced alone on the left side and crossed low. The ball went through everyone and Gabriel Bontempo finished, but the rival archer did a miracle to stop the São Paulo team from 1-0.

In the 21st minute, Santos scared Remo again. Miguelito found good space on the right side and entered the penalty area, finishing with his right leg at goalkeeper João Victor’s post.

And it was with 26 minutes that Meninos da Vila opened the scoring. After hitting and hitting in the middle of the small area, the ball fell to Gabriel Bontempo, who just put it into the back of the net. However, the referee ruled for offside and the goal was disallowed.

In the second half, Santos started pressing again. Miguelito got the ball on the left and advanced, crossing into the penalty area. Hyan dominated the chest and submitted a great save from Remo’s archer.

But it was Remo who opened the scoring. After the defense launched, Thiago got the ball, but failed and lost the ball to Matheus Grecco. The striker started at speed and hit the goalkeeper hard to score the first goal of the game.

However, Peixe didn’t give up and went in search of a draw. In the 24th minute, Luca Meireles advanced from the right and crossed high. Enzo Monteiro got ahead of the rival defense and headed the ball into the back of the goal, with no chance of defense for João Victor: 1 to 1.

In a move very similar to the first goal, Meninos da Vila managed to turn things around. João Victor crossed from the right side and Enzo Monteiro anticipated and finished, with a fish, to turn the duel towards Santos.

In the 35th minute of the second half, the home team had a golden chance to expand. Enzo Monteiro was brought down by goalkeeper João Victor and the referee awarded a penalty. The archer, however, redeemed himself – on the charge, Miguelito hit weakly in the right corner and wasted the charge.

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