San Lorenzo could have won it but Devecchi prevented it

Incredible but real. TO Saint Lawrence he doesn’t get one: he arrived in Junín with nine games without a win in the League Cup y outside the Libertadores posts and he turned back, chewing anger because He did everything to add three but he couldn’t beat Sarmiento by exceptional performance that it got Jose Devecchiarcher who belongs to him and that he has to return to Boedo at the end of the year.

It is true that The start was not as expected for the Ciclón, but it was for those of debutant Facundo Sava. The thing is the clock still didn’t show two minutes of play when Gonzalo Bettini surprised by facing the center and taking a shot that crashed into the crossbar. Furthermore, on the rebound, he hit the ball and the ball hit the post. From that corner, Guido Mainero won at the heights and once again the parante drowned out the screams of the locals.

After that initial shock, the Barça team reacted, mainly because Nahuel Barrios began to take over the ball and unbalance. Even before the end of the first half, The ball was left to Girotti inside the area and he took a shot that went just over.

Sarmiento de Junín 1-11-2023

The tie between Sarmiento and San Lorenzo

Both had the need to break negative streaks, but it was CASLA that was closer to breaking it if it weren’t for the fact that Devecchi cut everything short. The archer In one minute he blocked a powerful shot from Braida, He cleared a header from Hernández with a slap and put his arm to cushion a shot from Rafa Pérez which finished clearing the Mainero line.

Insua, who is sometimes called defensive, He made changes to go look for it. Maroni provided clarity and Leguizamón and Hausch added intensity attack. Sarmiento He barely had a shot from Gabriel Díaz that forced Batalla to show off.

The truth is The tie left no one satisfied. The local He could not start by winning the Sava cycle and may end the date in a relegation position; while The Cyclone still hasn’t won, its objectives are moving away and on top of that it suffered one that is its own.

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