Russia creating ‘simplified customs corridor’ with Azerbaijan

The Russian government plans to create a “simplified customs corridor” with Azerbaijan and implement projects for mutual recognition of the results of customs control, said the acting head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, Ruslan Davydov, Report informs via Russian media.

According to Davydov, the Russian trade industry is already focused on interaction with the countries of the East and South.

Davydov emphasized that thanks to the international corridors “East-West” and “North-South” it was possible to increase cargo turnover by 35%.

“Russia plans to implement logistics routes in accordance with a simplified scheme with friendly states. In addition to the ‘simplified customs corridor’ with Azerbaijan, transport routes with Iran, Syria, Türkiye and China will be developed,” he said.

He noted that the project for simplified transportation of goods between the countries will reduce the burden on the administrative apparatus and facilitate the transportation process itself.

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