Russell Crowe today: Sanremo, Italian origins in Ascoli

A Sanremo 2024 Rusell Crowe will be among super guests. He announces it Amadeus to the microphones of Long live Rai2!. The actor, who was recently in Italy to film the film The Pope’s Exorcistfeels a strong bond with our country.

In particular with Rome: obviously thanks to Gladiatoril Ridley Scott film in which he plays the leader Massimo Decimo Meridio, a role for which he was awarded an Oscar.

While Scott is preparing the sequel to the film, The gladiator 2which stars actor Paul Mescal, Russell Crowe oggi he is also increasingly involved in his second career, the musical one.

And it is precisely to perform that Crowe will be guest at Sanremo 2024on the day of Thursday 8 February. To the friend Fiorello, Amadeus he says, after showing a video message from the star:

He’ll come and play. You know that he is very loved in the world for the blues. He is shooting a film in Australia: just think, he finishes shooting on February 6th, on the 7th he comes to Sanremo and on the 8th it is broadcast on Rai1. – Amadeus

Sanremo 2024: Russell Crowe’s video on Viva Rai2

Il video di Russell Crowe a Long live Rai 2 shown by Amadeus sees the actor announce his arrival at Sanremo 2024:

Hi Amadeus, hello Fiore, I’m very happy about the invitation to the festival, I can’t wait to join you. I discovered that I am of Italian origins, from Ascoli Piceno, there is a blood connection. Hello Italy, on my signal unleash hell! – Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe: Italian origins in Ascoli

The Russell Crowe’s Italian origins tie the Oscar-winning actor to the city of Ascoli Piceno.

It was Crowe himself who revealed it a few days ago with posts on his X profile:

For some time now I have been searching for my Italian ancestors. But folkloristic family tales and writing errors sent me on the wrong trail. In the end, however, it turned out that my great-great-great grandfather, on my maternal side, who arrived in New Zealand in 1864 was Luigi Ghezzi, born in 1829 in Ascoli Piceno, son of Agostino and Annunziata, born in Parma.

Louis had gone to work in Argentina, embarked for India, was shipwrecked and ended up in Cape Town where he met and married Mary Ann Curtain. They emigrated to New Zealand. – Russell Crowe

Not only Italian origins however, Russell Crowe he in fact explained that:

Also among my ancestors on my mother’s side is the 11th Lord Lovat, the last man to be beheaded in the Tower of London. Furthermore I also have Norwegian, Italian, Scottish, Maori traces. I have Irish majority ancestry, but we don’t know how. – Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe in Sanremo in 2021: the video

Per Russell Crowe the one on February 8th at the Ariston is not the first time as a guest of Sanremo: the actor has in fact been on that stage already in 2001in the edition that saw Elisa win with the song Luce.

At the time the festival was run by Raffaella Carrà and on that occasion too Russell Crowe sang in Sanremo.

Sanremo 2024, Eros Ramazzotti also super guest

Another one was also announced on the same day super guest at the Sanremo Festival 2024: Eros Ramazzotti.

The Roman artist will return to the Ariston stage 40 years after his success with Promised Land in the New Proposals category, which took place in 1984. His career really took off from there: 70 million records sold, 3 billion global listeners, tours all over the world.

Last year he was the protagonist in the duets evening, paired with Last for a medley of his greatest hits. In 2024 Eros Ramazzotti will return to Sanremothis time as a super guest, on the same evening as Russell Crowe.

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