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Piazza Navona, everything ready for the arrival of the Befana

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January 5, 2024

All ready to celebratearrival of the Befana in Piazza Navona on January 6th. One of the most awaited events for adults and children returns to the capital with the traditional ‘old lady’ who will fly over the square to deliver peace and serenity.

Appointment on Saturday 6 January 2024 starting at 10.30 am. The entrance of the Befana will be spectacular as always: the old lady will glide from the sky riding her broom and land in the square.

The event will be accompanied by the performance of the band of the National Fire Brigade and hosted by Rossella Santilli, Rai journalist from TGR LAZIO.

In Rome for many generations, January 6th was the most important day, to be experienced by taking the children to the centre, entering Piazza Navona from Via della Cuccagna or from one of the other entrances, getting lost in Bernini’s fountains, in the real and reflected colours, in the smell of sweets, waiting for the arrival of the generous lady of the night. We wanted to bring families back to the streets, put boys and girls back at the center with ad hoc programming. A special thanks to the Fire Brigade who did not want to miss the appointment this year too and who will bring the Befana to safety with the hope that, flying over our heads, it will bring a new epiphany to increase everyone’s well-being, no one excluded” declared Monica Lucarelli, Councilor for Security Policies, Productive Activities and Equal Opportunities.



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