Rodriguinho, pagode singer, is announced on BBB24


Pagodeiro Rodriguinho, 45 years old, was announced as one of the participants in the new edition of Big Brother Brasil. He will be part of the Camarote group.

Born in Bauru, São Paulo, Rodriguinho is singer, songwriter and producer. He started playing music at the age of 10, in the children’s group Toca do Coelho. He later joined Os Travessos and became nationally known for the band’s successes in the 1990s.

The pagodeiro experienced his father’s death days before bursting onto the music scene. In 2004, he left the group to pursue a solo career.

From then on, he released several albums and recorded DVDs. Thanks to his career, he also had the opportunity to have experiences in other areas, including participating in one of Xuxa’s films and in the soap opera ‘O Clone’. “The only thing missing in my life was a reality show”, highlights the new BBB24 participant.

Rodriguinho is married and has five children and two granddaughters.

Announcement of participants is being done this Friday (5), during breaks in TV Globo programming. The premiere of BBB 24 takes place next Monday (8).

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What will change in BBB 24?

New way for spectators to vote

At BBB 24, the game will have a mixed voting system, with the public being able to vote in two different ways on the internet.

The first of these is the “Fan Vote”, which will work in the same way as the vote in recent editions.

The second option is the Single Vote, in which the user must provide their CPF, the authenticity of which will be verified, and will only allow one vote per person per wall.

Each voting model will be worth 50%, and the final result will be the average of the two formats.

Game divided into two phases

Another new feature of the season is the division of the game into two phases, with different objectives for voting.

In the first stage of the reality show, participants will vote for the participants they want to remain in the house; the one eliminated will be the one with the least votes.

In the second phase, the vote will be to eliminate the participant.

It has not yet been announced when the first phase will end and when the second will begin.

New group: Puxadinho

Beyond the “Popcorn” groups e “Cabin”who are already known to the public, a third group called “Puxadinho” was announced by the director of the reality show.

Details of the characteristics of the participants in the new group have not yet been revealed.

New powers for the leader

At BBB 24, the leader of the week will have more powers and will gain a new task, taking on the responsibility of conducting, live, an unprecedented dynamic that will take place every Friday.

Furthermore, a camera will follow the leader of the week at all times, which will only be shown to subscribers of the Globoplay streaming service.


In this edition, there will no longer be the “Discord Game”. The dynamic will be replaced by “Sincerão”.

The new game will also be played on Monday nights, but there is no information on the rules yet.

Cinema for everyone and daily videocast

Now, the weekly cinema will no longer be a privilege for the leader, and all participants will be able to watch the special session shown at the house.

In addition, a daily videocast will be broadcast live, from 7pm to 9pm, in which guests watch scenes from the house and discuss the latest developments.

One more room

Another room was created in the housetotaling four (including the leader).

The objective is that the new division of rooms interferes with the formation of groups of participants.

The room and house decorations will be inspired by fairy tales in the 2024 edition.

What will be the BBB 24 prize?

TV Globo, which produces and broadcasts the reality show, reported that the prize for the new season could reach a higher value than that of 2023, R$2.88 million.

The broadcaster states that the prize could reach R$3 million in 2024.

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