Roda JC plays a draw when visiting FC Eindhoven

Roda JC Kerkrade drew 1-1 at FC Eindhoven. Wesley Spieringhs managed to score for Bas Sibum’s team.

On November 6, Roda JC played a match on Monday evening for the first time this season. In Eindhoven, Bas Sibum’s team took on FC Eindhoven. In the third minute the visitors had the first big chance of the match. After a good through ball from Sami Ouaissa, Enrique Peña Zauner came in front of goalkeeper Jorn Brondeel. The attacker tried with the outside of his right foot, but he could not get the ball past the goalkeeper.

After just over ten minutes of play, the ball hit the spot for FC Eindhoven, after a foul by Boyd Reith. From eleven meters, Mawouna Amevor made the score 1-0. The next goal attempt also came from FC Eindhoven. This time Loek Hamers made a strong save. After just over twenty minutes of play, Roda JC seemed to be on level terms. A corner kick from Lennerd Daneels was headed in by Fabio Sposito. The header was saved by Brondeel, but the ball remained just short of the line. Unfortunately, no one from Roda JC was quick enough to get the ball over the goal line.

In the phase that followed, the Limburgers tried, but did not create any great opportunities. FC Eindhoven tried to create opportunities during the transition, but Bas Sibum’s team managed to prevent this.

In the second half, Rodney Kongolo made his return after weeks of injuries. Where Roda JC continued in its search for the equalizer was the first chance of the second half for the Brabanders. Jasper Dahlhaus was allowed to go far in the transition, but his shot went wide.

After playing exactly one hour in Eindhoven, Roda JC reached the same level. After playing around several times, Wesley Spieringhs tried it from a distance. The midfielder shot the ball beautifully, via the underside of the crossbar, for the 1-1. Sibum’s team wanted more. While Eindhoven had to allow two long shots, it became dangerous through Peña Zauner. The Venezuelan opened up well in the penalty area, but shot over with his left.

On the other hand, the home team had a good chance through Evan Rottier. The attacker cut to his left foot and shot. Fortunately, Hamers managed to prevent the 2-1. One minute later, the goalkeeper had no chance on a shot from Ozan Kökcü, but the shot went wide. The home team only continued to be dangerous in the transition, but did have the greatest opportunities. It was thanks to goalkeeper Hamers that Kökcü did not make the score 2-1. After the rebound, Daneels was also important, because the Belgian took the ball off the line.

Daneels showed himself offensively with a long shot. Unfortunately, Brondeel got to the ball in time to prevent a goal. In the absolute final phase, Roda JC hardly had time to attack. The team did not concede another goal and the match ended 1-1.

SCORING // 1-1:
12’ 1-0 | Mawouna Amevor (Penalty)
60’ 1-1 | Wesley Spieringhs (Walid Ould-Chikh)

FC Eindhoven: Jorn Brondeel, Justin Ogenia, Mawouna Amevor ©, Dyon Dorenbosch, Jasper Dahlhaus, August Priske (71′ David Garden), Ozan Kökcü, Farouq Limouri, Evan Rottier, Sven Simons, Collin Seedorf

Roda JC Kerkrade: Loek Hamers, Boyd Reith, Matisse Didden ©, Brian Koglin, Teun Bijleveld (55′ Walid Ould-Chikh), Wesley Spieringhs, Fabio Sposito (46′ Rodney Kongolo), Sami Ouaissa, Lennerd Daneels, Maximilian Schmid (82′ Metehan Güclü) , Enrique Peña Zauner (77′ Lucas Beerten)

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