Roda JC loses 2-0 to FC Dordrecht

Roda JC Kerkrade lost 2-0 when visiting FC Dordrecht. Bas Sibum’s team played 25 minutes with one man less, after Sami Ouaissa had been sent off.

On the first day of December, Roda JC started its seventeenth match of this competition in Dordrecht. The first chance of the match soon fell to the home team, but fortunately Koen Bucker managed to block Adrian Segecic’s shot. FC Dordrecht also had the second chance of the match. This time the ball got stuck in the penalty area after a corner kick, but the shot went over the empty goal. Roda JC’s first goal attempt came from last week’s match winner. Lennerd Daneels came in from the left, but his shot went wide of the goal.

The second serious danger from Roda JC side also came from Daneels. A multi-check attack came down the left side. The winger took the shot and this time shot wide from the left, via goalkeeper Luca Plogmann. Shortly afterwards, the Limburgers got a chance through good coverage from Rodney Kongolo. The captain served Sami Ouaissa and he tried from a distance. Unfortunately his shot was straight at goalkeeper Plogmann.

This was followed by a phase in which Roda JC showed several excellent attacks. Two shots from Maxi Schmid were blocked. The biggest chance in this phase was for Enrique Peña Zauner. The Venezuelan shot the ball from eleven meters into Schmid, who was standing shortly in front of the goal. Bas Sibum’s team continued to search for a goal. After an opening by Walid Ould-Chikh, left back Teun Bijleveld was close to a goal. The left foot controlled the ball well and tried it with his right. Unfortunately, his attempt narrowly missed the target.

On the other hand, things went wrong for Roda JC. A cross from the right came to Rene Kriwak via goalkeeper Bucker. The FC Dordrecht striker controlled the ball and then slid it in under Bucker. Shortly after the goal, FC Dordrecht captain Mathis Suray had a good chance to make it 2-0. This time Bucker prevented the goal. Shortly before half time the goalkeeper had to take action again. After Boyd Reith’s sloppy loss of ball, Ilias Sebaoui got the chance, but the goalkeeper turned with his foot into the short corner.

The home team started dangerously in the second half. Goalkeeper Bucker had to intervene twice. He punched away a shot from Sebaoui and he cleverly tapped a long shot from Kriwak wide of the goal. In the counterattack, Roda JC had an excellent chance to score the equalizer. Ould-Chikh sent Ouaissa deep and then got the ball back. Unfortunately, the midfielder’s shot was saved by goalkeeper Plogmann.

With 25 minutes left on the clock, Roda JC was down one man. Referee Kevin Puts assessed a tackle by Ouaissa with red. Despite the undernumber, Sibum’s team kept trying. The team had to allow some counter-punching and became dangerous through Daneels. However, the Belgian’s shot was too weak. Not much later, the Limburgers were very close to the equalizer. A free kick from Ould-Chikh was headed onto the post by Matisse Didden.

With more than ten minutes to play, the match was decided by FC Dordrecht. A cross from Jari Schuurman was completed by Kriwak. In the final phase, Roda JC still wanted to, but the Limburgers no longer had any opportunities. Partly because of this, they lost 2-0 in Dordrecht.

SCORING // 2-0:

35’ 1-0 | Rene Kriwak

79’ 2-0 | Rene Kriwak (Jari Schuurman)

FC Dordrecht: Luca Plogmann, Jop van der Avert (85′ Elso Brito), Antef Tsoungui, John Hilton (85′ Daniel van Vianen), Rene Kriwak, Jari Schuurman, Elias Bronkhorst, Adrian Segecic (73′ Malhory Noc), Mathis Suray ©, Shilch ‘t Zand (85′ Bartek Smolarczyk), Ilias Sebaoui (79’ Korede Osundina)

Roda JC Kerkrade: Koen Bucker, Boyd Reith, Matisse Didden, Brian Koglin, Teun Bijleveld, Rodney Kongolo © (90′ Niek Vossebelt), Walid Ould-Chikh, Sami Ouaissa, Enrique Peña Zauner (74′ Arjen van der Heide), Maximilian Schmid (62′ Saydou Bangura), Lennerd Daneels

Posted on: 01-12-2023

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