Roda JC eliminated from the KNVB Cup after a goal-rich duel

Roda JC Kerkrade was eliminated in the first round of the KNVB Cup by NEC Nijmegen. In the Goffert, a high-scoring match was lost 5-3. Sami Ouaissa (2x) and Matisse Didden scored for Bas Sibum’s team.

On a Thursday evening at 9 p.m., Roda JC started its cup adventure for the 2023/2024 season. The match started unpleasantly, especially for Orhan Dzepar. The midfielder was injured in his first action of the match and had to be replaced by Fabio Sposito. The remainder of the match was then better for Roda JC. After possession of the ball for a long time, the Limburgers’ first good attack immediately resulted in a goal. After a nice opening by Sami Ouaissa, the ball came to Walid Ould-Chikh via Enrique Peña Zauner. The midfielder delivered a perfect cross to Ouaissa who managed to head in the 0-1. Unfortunately, Roda JC could not enjoy the lead for long. On a pass from Elayis Tavsan, Rober González was able to head in the 1-1 two minutes later.

Bas Sibum’s team was not fooled and became dangerous twice more in the first fifteen minutes. Once after a quick counter, via a shot by Peña Zauner and from a corner kick. Matisse was able to head Didden in on a pass from Ould-Chikh, but his effort was cleared in front of the goal.

NEC also kept looking for a goal and found it. After more than twenty minutes of play, Magnus Mattsson headed in the 2-1 on a pass from Lasse Schöne. Shortly afterwards things went wrong again. A cross from Bart de Rooij blew straight into the goal, leaving Roda JC 3-1 behind in no time.

Despite the double setback, Roda JC did not give up. The Limburgers even came back into the match via Ouaissa. The attacker came in from the right and curled the ball beautifully into the long corner for the 3-2. Bas Sibum’s team recovered so well that they even came alongside. From a corner kick by Ouaissa, Didden headed the 3-3 against the ropes shortly before half time.

In the first ten minutes of the second half, the ball was often in NEC’s hands. However, this did not lead to opportunities. We had to wait a long time for opportunities. The first shot on target of the second half came from Roda JC. Substitute Lennerd Daneels entered the penalty area from the left and tried. Unfortunately, the Belgian’s shot hit goalkeeper Roefs’ feet in his path.

Shortly after this, Roda JC became dangerous again. After an attack over several checkers, defender Lucas Beerten tried it from a distance. His shot made it difficult for Roefs, but not difficult enough to score. NEC also tried from a distance on the other side. After Wesley Spieringhs dangerously lost the ball, Dirk Proper was able to try from the edge of the penalty area. Fortunately, Hamers made an excellent save to prevent a goal. The goalkeeper had to intervene quickly again when he had to come off his line to defuse a deep pass. Here too, the goalkeeper intervened on time and well.

With ten minutes to play it still went wrong. After a tight cross, Hamers could do nothing more on a bet from González and the score became 4-3. With less than five minutes left on the clock, the home team decided the match with a long shot from substitute Mees Hoedemakers, who made it 5-3.

In the final phase, Roda JC was unable to come back from behind a second time. As a result, they lost in Nijmegen and the team was eliminated from the KNVB Cup Tournament.

SCORING // 5-3:
7’ 0-1 | Sami Ouaissa (Walid Old-Sheikh)
9’ 1-1 | Rober González (Elayis Tavsan)
22’ 2-1 | Magnuss Mattsson (Lasse Schöne)
24’ 3-1 | Bart de Rooij (Lasse Schöne)
37’ 3-2 | Sami Ouaissa (Walid Old-Sheikh)
42’ 3-3 | Matisse Didden (Sami Ouaissa)
80’ 4-3 | Robert González (Lars Olde Larsen)
86’ 5-3 | Most Hatters (Magnus Mattsson)

NEC Nijmegen: Robin Roefs, Mathias Ross, Elayis Tavsan (46′ Kodai Sano), Magnus Mattsson, Rober González, Lars Olden Larsen (84′ Mees Hoedemakers), Sai van Wermeskerken, Lasse Schöne ©, Calvin Verdonk, Bart van Rooij, Dirk Proper (90 +2′ Nils Rossen)

Roda JC Kerkrade: Loek Hamers, Boyd Reith, Matisse Didden ©, Brian Koglin, Lucas Beerten, Wesley Spieringhs, Orhan Dzepar (3′ Fabio Sposito/83′ Saydou Bangura), Walid Ould-Chikh, Sami Ouaissa (83′ Leroy Been), Metehan Güclü ( 62′ Marvin Pourié), Enrique Peña Zauner (62′ Lennerd Daneels)

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