Robbie Williams wished good luck to president-elect Javier Milei: “May God bless him”

Robbie Williams wished the president-elect Javier Milei luck (Video: Twitter)

On these days, Robbie Williams is on tour in Australia, celebrating his 25 years of career. With massive shows, the English singer presents XXV, a compilation of his works, the album was released through Columbia Records on September 9, 2022. The album, which marks the 25th anniversary of Williams’ solo career, contains re-recorded and orchestrated versions of songs from his career.

In this context, on Friday night, during one of his shows in the city of Melbourne, Williams dedicated a few words to the president-elect, Javier Miley. It all happened when the British man started a dialogue with an Argentine fan who was watching the show.. “I love your new president too,” the singer began by saying to the crowd that applauded him. Williams, sitting on a high stool above the stage, continued: “Holy cow, did you see the new president of Argentina?”

Among the exclamations of the public, the ex Take That, said: “It looks like a car that was invented in England in the seventies, with hair.” Then he added: “Now, and may God bless you. Good luck to him. And I love you Argentina”closed with wishes for the new government.

It should be noted that the renowned British singer, 46, a few weeks ago confessed to feeling exhausted at this stage of his life, during an interview with the newspaper The Sun. On that occasion, Williams stated that he “felt mentally and physically exhausted as a result of the unbridled lifestyle he led during the 1990s and part of the 2000s.” At that time, he had also revealed that he suffers from symptoms of “manopause”(sic)the male version of menopause, whose correct name is andropause and it occurs in men between the ages of 40 and 50.

Robbie Williams wished the president-elect Javier Milei luck (Twitter)
Robbie Williams wished the president-elect Javier Milei luck (Twitter)

This is how Williams referred to this moment in his life, when he admitted that he suffers from different sleeping patterns than the average person. He reported that he normally feels “magnetically attracted at 4 a.m.,” and can’t fall asleep until 6 amexplaining that this negatively affects his marital life, since his wife, the actress Ayda Fieldusually You can’t interact with him until 1 noon.

In his own words, “hair is thinning, testosterone has left the building, serotonin is no longer there and dopamine said goodbye a long time ago. I have exhausted all the good natural things. I have the menopause. My daughter tells me: ‘Dad is lazy.’ I don’t like the term ‘lazy’ because that’s how I was described when he was younger. The reality is that I am devastated by what I did to myself in the nineties and part of the 2000s,” the interpreter confessed to the British newspaper.

Following this, the singer spoke about the launch of his new documentary, which will be broadcast on the Netflix platform. This work, which is called Robbie Williams, includes part of the musician’s life. He himself described the process of reviewing the images that will be part of the documentary as if he were watching a “traumatic car accident in slow motion…surreal”. Thus, it includes never-before-seen videos and snapshots showing the singer drinking and consuming drugs during his days in Take That. There, Williams tells his own story, directly, with great honesty to accept his mistakes.

Although during the making of the documentary the production prohibited her from having cosmetic touch-ups, Williams assured that she hoped to finish it so she could place botulinum toxin on her face to reduce wrinkles and expression lines. “I think the image people have of plastic surgery or having surgery is based on bad examples. They don’t realize that most people in show business have done itbut you wouldn’t know it: 90% is pretty decent,” Robbie said about it.

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