Riyadh Season… Fury, the Gypsy King, “the fiercest man on earth”

British Tyson Fury was crowned champion of the “The Fiercest Man on Earth” fight, which took place at the Arena in Riyadh amid a large audience, in an event chosen by the organizers of the Riyadh season to launch the fourth edition of the season.

Ngannou, the martial arts champion, surprised everyone with his amazing performance in the boxing ring (Middle East)

After 10 rounds with Cameroonian Francis Engano, the former world champion in mixed martial arts, the fight was awarded to Tyson Fury by the judges’ decision. Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh crowned the British champion with the belt on the ring floor.

Tyson Fury, nicknamed the “Gypsy King,” completed 35 fights without any loss, establishing himself as an exceptional historical champion in this sport.


Fury’s fall did not prevent him from completing the fight until the end (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Sports figures attended the fight, led by the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, leader of Al-Nasr, and former stars such as the Brazilian Ronaldo, the Portuguese Figo, and other champions of various sports, especially boxing and martial arts.

To the sound of the bells of the “Kingdom Arena”, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, announced the opening of the Riyadh Season in its fourth edition, amid a massive international presence presented by the most famous athletes, artists and martial arts players in the world.

Fans from all over the world attended the big fight (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Al-Sheikh promised, through a video clip broadcast on the main screen following singing and dancing performances performed by international stars, of an exceptional season that meets everyone’s dreams and ambitions, and repeated his delicious sentence, “Welcome to the Riyadh Season,” amid warm applause and cheers from the crowds present.

Fury clinched the title relying on his extensive experience in major fights (AFP)

The entertainment authority had chosen “the fight between the most famous man on the face of the earth” between Francis Angano, the heavyweight mixed martial arts champion, and his counterpart Tyson Fury, the heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Council. The event that launches the Riyadh Season will be its fourth edition.

In a strong and exciting fight, the boxer JACK MCGANN won deservedly in the first Undercard Fight bout at the opening ceremony of the season, and in the second Undercard Fight between CARLOS TAKAM VS MARTIN BAKOLE, the boxer MARTIN BAKOLE won.

Boxer MAKHMUDOV also defeated ANTHONY WRIGHT in his fourth Undercard fight.

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