River Nile turned red in 2023 because of biblical prophecy?

Rumor – Now in 2023, a biblical prophecy is being fulfilled in which the Nile River, in Egypt, turned red.


Amidst so many tribulations in the world, a video has caught the attention of many religious people. In the images, the waters of what could be a river, a lake or a lagoon are reddish in color. Along with the video, some messages (which circulated mainly through TikTok) indicate that the location would be the Nile River, in Egypt, and that the video is recent.

The texts also point out, in some cases, that this is the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy announcing the end of times. Read a version of the message circulating on the internet and watch the video in question:

This biblical prophecy just happened right before our eyes last week. The Nile River turned its waters red. The most impressive thing about all this is that God said exactly that this would happen. To tell you the truth, this is another sign of the end times. It is not possible that you are not seeing everything that is happening in the world in recent days and years, illnesses, conflicts, apostasy, mockery.

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Clearly, Jesus is coming soon and he said in Luke twenty-one that when these things begin to happen, look up, because the great day is near. The king is coming and if you want to be saved, comment, I want your name and the name of someone you love very much, and let’s say a totally special prayer for your life and the life of someone you love very much.

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In the content checking part, we will answer the following questions: 1) Is the video really of the Nile River with the color red? 2) Did the Nile River turn red because of some biblical prophecy? 3) Is there any explanation for the phenomenon?

Is the video really of the Nile River with the color red?

Here we have a big controversy. Since the video ended up going viral (about five days ago), we have three versions of locations that are being attributed to the video. The first is the Nile River. The second is Lake Natron (in Tanzania). The third is Laguna Roja in Chile. There are elements that corroborate each location, but there is no definition.

The first thing we looked for were recent references about the red water phenomenon. In the case of Lake Natron and Laguna Roja, these are not new (since the sites have, in many periods, a reddish color). Regarding the Nile River, there is no reference in local news that indicates that the waters have been red in recent days (which weakens the theory).

The second point that caught our attention was the color of the water and the topography of the place. The topography is very similar to that of Laguna Roja, but may also resemble sections of the Nile River and Lake Natron. The color of the water is not so similar to the “red” of Lake Tanzania.

Finally, there is the narration of the person in the video: Spanish is definitely not being spoken and, most likely, it is not spoken in Arabic. The speech appears to be from some African language, which could strengthen the theory that it would be a setting between the Nile River (outside Egypt) or Lake Natron.

All this reflection shows us that it is not possible to define, at the moment (if you have any evidence that proves otherwise, please send it to us) that the video was actually recorded on the Nile River (something strengthened by the absence of local news).

Did the Nile River turn red because of some biblical prophecy?

In this case, we can say no. In addition to there being no information related to the phenomenon in reliable sources, there are explanations that easily eliminate the reddish color.

In the case of the Nile River, there was a similar phenomenon in 2016. At the time, satellites captured images of the Nile River with a reddish color (something that did not occur now in 2023). However, there is an explanation that goes far beyond the apocalypse.

Is there any explanation for the phenomenon?

As this article points out, what occurred was a chemical phenomenon related to red algae that contains a toxin that can accumulate in sections of the river. There is also a second explanation: that there is a concentration of dissolved iron in the river that can generate a chemical reaction that causes the water to turn red.

Regarding Lake Natron, The explanation is due to the pigmentation of cyanobacteria that inhabit the place, which turn red when in contact with salt water. There is a similar explanation to Laguna Roja.


Unproven rumor 👎

For starters, we’re not even sure if the video is even from the Nile River. That said, it is false that there is any biblical explanation for the waters shown in the image turning red. Finally, this is not something completely new on the river in question. In our opinion, rumor without proof.

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