Rijkswaterstaat calls on Limburg highways to be avoided due to snow

Traffic jam after the accident on the A2 near Urmond

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Rijkswaterstaat calls on people to avoid the highways in Limburg due to snowfall. Traffic jams made it difficult to combat the slippery conditions, the road manager reports. There were long traffic jams, especially on the A2 in South Limburg. Those are over, but it can still be slippery on some roads.

The Kerensheide junction in particular is slippery, the spokesperson said earlier in the evening. One lane was closed there until about 8 p.m.

That was due to heavy snowfall and trucks and other vehicles sliding away and being unable to continue, she said. “Other traffic must then be guided past there slowly and the stranded vehicles must be removed. That takes time.”

And Rijkswaterstaat’s equipment could hardly cope with the snowfall:

Traffic jams due to heavy snowfall in Limburg

The warning to avoid the highways in the area applies throughout the evening. The winter weather also causes problems with air and train traffic.

The KNMI had issued a yellow code due to slippery conditions for the entire country except the Wadden Islands, but the warning now only applies to North Brabant and Limburg.

Ice formation

In South Limburg there will be no buses running all evening, reports carrier Arriva. Initially, the city buses in Maastricht were still running, but they now also remain in the depot. No trains ran between Roermond and Sittard until approximately 9 p.m. due to ice formation on the track near Susteren. That malfunction has now been resolved.

The snow area above Limburg and the southeast of North Brabant is hardly moving further north, sees weather woman Roosmarijn Knol. “It stays there for a long time, so a thick layer of snow of 5 to 15 centimeters can fall, especially in the hilly landscape of South Limburg. Less than 5 centimeters of snow falls in the north of Limburg and the southeast of North Brabant.”

Parts of South Limburg are completely white:

Snowy Limburg from the air

Only during the night will the snow move towards Germany. It can also snow in the rest of the country due to showers that move over the country from the North Sea, but that does not produce nearly as much snow as in Limburg.

Several schools in the south of Limburg have sent their students home early due to the snowfall. Several educational institutions in South Limburg will also keep their doors closed tomorrow. Vista College, among others, will then offer exclusively online lessons, reports 1Limburg.


The snowfall also causes nuisance abroad. Hundreds of flights have been canceled in Germany, including half of KLM’s return flights. In Frankfurt there are more than 500 and in Munich more than 250 flights from different airlines, reports the AP news agency.

Black ice resulted in dangerous situations in Munich, among other places:

Nuisance caused by ice and snow in Germany

And in the German state of Saarland, which borders Luxembourg, a highway was closed this morning after several accidents due to slippery conditions. According to Newspaper, the news of the German public broadcaster ARD, there were a total of more than 25 accidents in the state. Two people were slightly injured.

Apart from the nuisance, the first snow also produces beautiful pictures:

  • NOS Eyewitness / Bas Versijp

    Snow at Den Halder castle in Valkenburg, Limburg
  • NOS Eyewitness / Stef Goossens

  • NOS Eyewitness / Francien Tax

    Rucphen, North Brabant
  • NOS Eyewitness / Diana Huntjens

    Simpelveld, Limburg

According to train operator Deutsche Bahn, trains have been canceled and the speed of the ICE International trains is limited to 200 kilometers per hour.

Train traffic between the Netherlands and Germany is currently running as planned, an NS spokesperson told the ANP news agency. “But we are monitoring the situation closely.”

Snow in Belgium

Belgium also has to deal with winter weather. Most snow falls in the south, in the state of Wallonia. Several schools have already switched to online lessons, to write Belgian media.

But there is also nuisance in the Belgian province of Limburg. The buses do not run there because the roads are too slippery. The highest weather alert has been issued for snow in Luxembourg. Schools remain closed and people are advised to stay indoors as much as possible. Delays have occurred at Brussels Airport due to heavy snowfall. Flights to Geneva, Munich and Oslo, among others, were canceled early in the evening.

A KLM plane is on its way to Amsterdam in Gothenburg, Sweden got off track while taxiing to the runway. There was winter weather with snow and strong winds, but the airline has yet to investigate the cause of the incident. All occupants are unharmed.

Snow has also fallen on Ameland:

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