Riccardo Fogli, who is his young and beautiful wife Karin Trentini

Riccardo Fogli he married his wife Karin Trentini in 2010 in a second marriage after marriage to Viola Valentino ended in 1993: the couple has a daughter named Michelle.

Riccardo Fogli, who is his wife

Tonight we will see Pooh among the guests of Dancing with the Stars, on air from 9.30pm on Raiuno where they will be the dancers for a night and will perform on the dancefloor of the show hosted by Milly Carlucci. The parents of Karin Trentini they had always been fans of Pooh and they often went to see the group’s concerts accompanied by their sixteen-year-old daughter at the time. Shortly after Karin and the parents meet Fogli and his associates during a soundcheck. From that moment on the Trentini she convinced her parents to always take her with them to live shows until, as an adult, she decided to go alone. Born in 1979, Karin she began a career as a model and then when she was young she also entered the world of entertainment, taking part in some programs as a dancer. Alongside her work as a model and dancer she then embarked on an entrepreneurial career. Later she also landed in the cinema, playing a part in the film of Leonardo Pieraccioni, A Beautiful Wife.

On Instagram the 43-year-old has a following of over 50 thousand followers to whom she shows herself in many photos with the famous artist and his daughter. The story with Riccardo Fogli began in 2003 and then arrived at the wedding after seven years of engagement: the proposal culminated in a dinner during a holiday in Puglia. The couple subsequently expanded their family with the arrival of Michelle, their only daughter in 2012. Regarding her relationship with her famous husband, Trentini who currently runs a bed and breakfast, Casa Fogli and launched her own cosmetics line said: I thought I was jealous, given his experience and my youth, I thought I was suffering, that I was tormented. Instead I discovered that our relationship goes beyond love, I feel that I belong to him and he belongs to me”

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