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O Coritiba won the second consecutive in the Campeonato Paranaense. This Monday (22), Coxa defeated São Joseense, 2-0, at Couto Pereira, and maintained 100% success in the State. The goals were scored by Thalisson and Robson.

The match marked the debut of the left-back Rodrigo Gelado and also the return of the young man Pedro Morisco to the goal of the professional team. After being highlighted in Coxa’s good campaign in the Copinha, the archer replaced Gabriel Vasconcellos who did not feel well before the game.

The first half was truncated at Couto Pereira. In the few chances created, the teams stopped at goalkeepers Pedro Morisco and Renan Rocha.

In the final stage, Coritiba came back with everything. At seven minutes, Natanael took a corner kick and the defender Thalisson opened the scoring at Alto da Glória. At 30, Coxa expanded, with Robson heading with precision after a cross from Jamerson. With the goal, the Verdão striker equals Ronaldo, from Operário, in the State’s top scorer, with two goals.

End of game: Coritiba 2×0 São Joseense.

  • With the second victory at home, Coxa is in second place in the State, behind Maringá according to the tiebreaker criteria.
  • In the next match, on Thursday (25), at 8:30 pm, Coxa will face Londrina, at Estádio do Café. São Joseense will also visit PSTC on Thursday, at 7 pm.

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Photos: Átila Alberti/UmDois Esportes


Paranaense Championship 2024
2nd round22/1/2024

Coritiba 2×0 São Joseense

Coritiba: Pedro Morisco; Natanael (Diogo Batista), Thalisson Gabriel, Maurício Antônio and Rodrigo Gelado (Jamerson); Fransérgio, Vini Paulista, Fabrício Daniel (Geovane Meurer) and Matheus Frizzo (Matheus Dias); Robson and Edu (Éberth).
Technician: Guto Ferreira.

San Joseense: Renan Rocha; André Krobel, Áquila, Filipe Alves and Taygor (Vitor Carré); Breno, Tauan (Nailson) and Fernando Gabriel (Itaqui); Wellissol (Francis), Fauver Frank (Messiah) and Adiel.
Technician: Luciano Gusso.

Local: Couto Pereira, in Curitiba.
Public: 8,983 payers (10,351 total).
Income: R$ 200.112,00.
Goals: Thalisson and Robson (CFC).
Yellow cards: Fransérgio (CFC); Aquila (ISJ).
Referee: Robson Babinski.
Leandro Polli Glugoski and Sergio Henrique Monteiro Gomes.

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