Reham Saeed after plastic surgery: May God help you

After Egyptian media personality Reham Saeed accused a famous plastic surgeon of disfiguring her face, she came out with video clips to prove it.

Today, Wednesday, the Egyptian broadcaster published two video clips to reveal the changes that affected her face after the cosmetic procedure performed by the doctor about a year ago, indicating that it is the first time she appears on a live broadcast.

She said on Instagram that she appeared to prove that she had been completely disfigured in her face, and that she would pursue the doctor judicially, asking: “Is this what Reham Saeed looks like? Look at the disfigurement.”

She pointed out that two months ago, the doctor injected “filler” into areas on both sides of her eyes, and described the shape as if it were “the devil,” stressing that sewing on her face is considered a crime.

The Egyptian journalist said that she had to get a “tattoo” in an attempt to correct the shape of her eyebrows.

Reham Saeed also hinted that she would not be able to act in her deformed appearance and with this face.

She continued, while crying, that her eye did not appear normally, and that she had undergone treatment about two months ago, and that it had suffered a number of damages and needed surgery again.
I had a facelift 11 months ago…and my eyebrows are like Japanese ones

Reham also accused the doctor of inflicting a burn on her during the plastic surgery procedure, according to the doctors’ testimony, explaining that she had the plastic surgery 11 months ago and did not speak. Reham said: “I look like this and I am being treated… and my eyebrows are like Japanese ones and are tight.”

She continued, showing areas of her face stuffed with injection materials, noting that she has medical reports from doctors proving her facial disfigurement.

She also said, “We agreed that he would not touch my eyes during the operation,” indicating that she would take her rights under the law in Lebanon.

She added while addressing the journalists who were trying to contact her, “I did not mention the doctor’s name until after he posted a video of me on his Instagram page bearing his name.”

She continued, “I will travel tomorrow to file a case against you in Lebanon,” admitting that she was wrong and that she is receiving treatment with a psychiatrist because she cannot look at her appearance.
“You defamed me”

The journalist then published another video in which she talked about the filler injection process, in which she said: “All the filler in my face was removed to show that I was wrinkled. Okay, I was wrinkled and you disfigured me.”

Reham Saeed defended herself after the doctor said that all of this was a result of her having had several operations, which Reham denied, saying: “I only had one operation 10 years ago.”

She also indicated that the doctor knew well the outcome of the operation, and that her face would become disfigured, but he did not tell her the truth.
A picture of an unknown woman

The journalist, Reham Saeed, had initially published, through her personal Instagram account, a picture of an advertisement published by a plastic surgeon that included a picture of an unknown woman, who had covered her eyes with a black tape and written on it “Before,” and next to it was a picture of Reham placing a black tape over her eyes and writing above it, “After.” “, claiming that he had performed successful plastic surgeries.

Reham re-published the advertisement and accused the plastic surgeon of disfiguring her face after making a mistake in the plastic surgery he performed.
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The doctor denies it and goes to the law

On the other hand, the doctor, whose name refrains from mentioning, denied what was published about medical errors he committed while performing plastic surgery, indicating that it was fake news.

He said in a media statement issued on his Instagram page, that legal measures will be taken against the journalist and the television station in which she appeared, indicating that they will be pursued legally.

He also said that he is in the process of filing a lawsuit against the media personality in Lebanon and Egypt, and anyone whom the investigation shows as an accomplice or instigator, on charges of harming reputation, defamation, and causing harm.

Also, the famous doctor confirmed that all evidence and proof will be handed over to the competent authorities that deny the media’s allegations.

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