Ramón Díaz’s dance, Gary Medel’s spicy phrase and Vegetti’s charge to Soteldo: Vasco da Gama’s celebrations after saving himself from relegation

Ramón Díaz danced and celebrated with the fans

After a heart-stopping date in the Brasileirao, the Vasco da Gama could celebrate by ensuring permanence in the first category of Brazilian football. The set of Ramon Diaz was in the relegation zone until the 82nd minute of the match for the last date of the tournament against Bragantino, but with the goal of Serginho (2-1) was able to keep the victory and sending Santos to the second category for the first time in its history.

With the final whistle, everything was a party in the São Januário Stadiumwhile the fans chanted the name of Ramon Diazwho He fulfilled the promise he had made in Septembertwo months after taking over as Vasco Da Gama’s new coach.

The Riojan, who had just successfully managed Al-Hilal of Arabia, was presented to the club with the difficult mission of getting the team out of the relegation zone. After 15 rounds, Vasco Da Gama was second to last in the Brazilian championship with a record of 2 wins, 3 draws and 9 losses. That’s when he said: “This is a message to the people. Vasco is not going to go down eh, he is not going to go down. Whatever you do. Vasco is not going to go down, we are going to fight until the last and he is not going to go down.”

The poster that remembered the promise of Ramón Díaz
The poster that remembered the promise of Ramón Díaz

With the victory and the euphoria of the fans, the Argentine He was encouraged to take a few dance steps which quickly went viral on social networks. A choreography that ended with a gift for the fans when He threw his bag onto the stands. Later, at a press conference he assured: “The most important thing I want to say is that for me, and my coaching staff, It was one of the most difficult goals I had to live through throughout my career. It was an important challenge and very difficult to do. Thanks to the club for welcoming me, and suggesting that Vasco was not going to go down from the first minute.”

“I have to thank the players who were the real protagonists. They clicked, they changed their mentality, their training and their work. They wanted to overcome that difficulty they had in the first phase. We talked that we were going to fight until the end. Vasco is a great team and never has to go through this situation again. “You have to have a big team mentality”he remarked.

With him in charge, Vasco registered 10 wins, 5 draws and 8 losses in 23 games, reaping 35 points and an effectiveness of 50.72%.

Vegetti's charge to Soteldo after saving himself from relegation
Vegetti’s charge to Soteldo after saving himself from relegation

However, while Ramón Díaz celebrated the team’s effort to achieve permanence, some of its players did not want to forget about Santos, which had just lost the category, but more specifically about one of its members: the Venezuelan Yeferson Soteldo.

The 26-year-old footballer He was the protagonist of a controversial episode during the Santos-Vasco which took place at the beginning of October, in which stood on the ball 10 minutes into the second half and when his team won 3-1. A gesture that generated a small brawl on the field and that some players like the Argentine remembered Paul Vegetti and the Chilean Gary Medel.

The 35-year-old forward was photographed at Vasco’s celebrations standing on top of the ball, remembering what had happened at that moment. Even after the end, he stated that “The footballer does not gain an advantage by stepping on a ball.”referring to that moment.

“I understand a pipe, I understand a dribble, a bicycle, I understand everything. The footballer does not gain an advantage by stepping on a ball. I think it was disrespectful to us and I told him so in the game. Obviously one does not wish anyone harm, but they have to respect. At that time they came from many games where they suffered defeats and that game they found victory and it seemed to me that it was unnecessary, because people were suffering from the fight for relegation,” he added.

“What he did at that moment I didn’t like. They have to respect because the turns in football are very big and Vasco plays in the A”, stated the former Colón of Santa Fe.

Gary Medel mocks Soteldo after permanence

The experienced Chilean midfielder, meanwhile, recalled that play while broadcasting a live video of the celebrations in the locker room: “Now who gets on top of the ball? Who gets on the ball now? stupid.”

The Santos de Soteldo relegated for the first time in the Brazilian leagueafter losing the last game at home 1-2 against Fortaleza, in a defeat that caused outrage among his fans and the burning of vehicles around the stadium.

In its first year without the eternal idol Pelé, who died on December 29, 2022, Santos left the select group that had never been relegated in the Brazilian league, a privilege that only Flamengo, São Paulo and Cuiabá now have, which premiered in 2021.

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