Raly Barrionuevo renewed his romance with the National Festival of Cosquín

Raly Barrionuevo, was the main artist in the fourth moon of the Cosquín National Folklore Festival. Expected, loved, applauded, this is how he presented himself. Simple and announcing that he had 50 minutes to enjoy and emphasizing the value of culture. “I have met several friends, he said, I hope we can share some songs.”

And there he just started with “Chacarera de la sword”, as if the night was missing the message “the chacarera will be your sword” the lyrics end. And without respite came “Zamba y watercolor,” the song that more than twenty years ago revealed him as a valuable author and a fascinating performer and entangled us with his handkerchief…

“I’ve been very zambéador lately” “What beautiful music we have, there’s nothing to do with the zamba…” he declared and launched into “Luna Captiva”, the autobiographical lyrics of Chango Rodríguez.

“Come closer to the fence, you are the owner of my soul… you are my captive moon that kisses me and leaves”… chanted by the thousands present… With an immense moon in the sky and its gentle and deep song, the night became perfect…

After improvising on the piano the soccer fragment of the Argentine National Anthem, chanted fervently by the square, he began with “Zamba de tú”…and the audience continued singing.

That sweetness was followed by the deciding Raly with “Hey countryman”…confirming once again that “politics is done by walking.”

“The moon is so beautiful, I’m going to make a song that I composed a while ago and that I’m going to dedicate to Mariana who is watching on television,” he said before performing “Niña Luna.” Good for Mariana.

Maggie Cullen was the guest to sing “Huella de los labriegos”, according to the Raly: a song that I wrote for all those who work the land, respecting it, not poisoning it. “We owe everything to Pachamama.”

Demi Carabajal accompanied him to sing “Only Your Eyes,” a song written by both of them after an eventful tour from which “many anecdotes remained that will appear in an unauthorized biography,” as he told with humor.

I don’t want to leave without singing this because my mother will surely be there, he said before singing, as only he knows how, “De mi madre” by Chango Rodríguez. And the audience continued singing and getting excited…

We’re going to say goodbye with a couple of chacareras, I’m going to invite “Colo” Vanconcellos, he invited his brother Daniel to play the bass drum…”because it’s like when we presented Radio AM with the beloved and remembered Elvira Ceballos, for whom I ask for a applause because she will also be present here,” he said before starting with “Chacarera del exilio”

The public protested loudly because Raly did not have a place for encores. They promised that she will return this Wednesday with La Juntada.

More artists

The evening also featured two other musicians with extensive and recognized careers in the national songbook, the former bassist and vocalist of Serú Girán, Pedro Aznar, and the Buenos Aires composer Víctor Heredia.

In addition, Ahyre and Gustavo Chazarreta also stood out on the grid of the fourth evening of the biggest event in Argentine folklore.

Maggie Cullen, Grupo Vocal Argentino and Priscila Ortiz added their talents to what was a great night in the Próspero Molina plaza.

Full grid

Fifth Moon – Wednesday, January 24

• The 4 of Córdoba – 55 years of friends

• Sebastian Ruiz

• Forever Tucu

• Sergio Fasoli

• Sofia Assis

• José Luis Aguirre

• Lucrecia Rodrigo

• The Carabajal

• The Junta “20 years”


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