Quick Boys continues to convert at the expense of NAC Breda

There was a perfect cup atmosphere at a rainy Nieuw Zuid sports park. It has been many seasons since Quick Boys participated in the main tournament of the TOTO KNVB Cup. In the first round of this year, the opponent was NAC Breda, mid-table in the Kitchen Champion Division.

Quick Boys took the lead during the first half. The team managed to defend it until the end of this match, which also had to be temporarily stopped due to thunder. This match ended with a win.

After the first whistle, NAC Breda quickly tried to take the lead. Haugen seemed to be in a promising position, but was taken to the ground by Meerstadt at the expense of a yellow card. The free kick on the edge of the 16-meter area remained without result.

The guests kept pushing but without success. For the time being they did not get further than a few goal attempts from distance. Quick Boys easily held their own against the professionals and went looking for the goal themselves. After about fifteen minutes of play, the home team got their first real chance. Junte shot from the edge of the penalty area, but it fell prey to goalkeeper Troost.

In this phase, Quick Boys started looking for more. The blue and white were little inferior to the opponent and cast off all hesitation. However, neither team was able to score for the time being

More than halfway through the first half, it was Thomas Duivenvoorden’s team that took the lead. Broekhuizen gained possession of the ball on a pass from Franken, and then left goalkeeper Troost without a chance with a nice long shot. NAC Breda immediately tried to repair the damage. Haugen attempted a goal that went wide and moments later seemed to become dangerous again. But the attacker had to acknowledge his superiority in goalkeeper Van der Helm. Staring threatened to become dangerous from the rebound, but his goal attempt ended up wide of the goal. The guests’ offensive did not last long and the Breda storm quickly subsided.

With ten minutes to go it was Quick Boys that became threatening again. Meerstadt took advantage of the disorder in the defense of the yellow-blacks and captured Broekhuizen. His goal attempt was blocked, at the expense of a corner kick that remained without consequences. Until half time, goalkeeper Van der Helm was still able to distinguish himself by neutralizing Haugen’s best chance.

NAC Breda would continue to push but lacked the finesse in the finish. Both opponents failed to score again and Quick Boys went into halftime with a 1-0 lead. Partly due to hard work, the team was at least equal to NAC Breda, which did not deal well with the few opportunities that arose.

Coach Van Gastel’s team started the second half without Kemper. He was replaced by Leemans. Quick Boys soon seemed to double their lead when Sem van Duijn got into a promising position. He headed the ball onto the roof of the goal. And shortly afterwards there was danger again, from a throw-in that went wide. None of the blue and white could give the ball the decisive push. A short time later the match had to be temporarily stopped due to thunder. After about fifteen minutes the game could resume.

After the restart, the first goal opportunity was for NAC Breda, but again the finishing faltered. Shortly afterwards, Reinders was allowed to take a free kick on the other side, slightly outside the penalty area. He just aimed over. A fuss in the back of the guests gave Junte the opportunity to launch Sem van Duijn. His attempt was just converted into a corner by the goalie. It remained an open match and both opponents could alternately become dangerous during the course of this half. NAC Breda occasionally put pressure on Quick Boys’ defense, but did not deal neatly with the opportunities. As a result, the hateful zero for them remained on the scoreboard. The Katwijkers refused to dig in and showed up on the other side of the playing field several times. The heavy rain did not make it any easier for both teams.

More goals were not forthcoming, so Quick Boys deservedly won and reached the second round of this cup tournament.

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Score progression:

25. 1-0 Nick Broekhuizen

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