Quad falls through the ice in Landgraaf, girl (9) died

The accident happened in a flooded pasture

NOS News

A 9-year-old girl from Landgraaf died after falling under the ice yesterday. That happened during a ride with her father on a quad, a four-wheeled moped or motorcycle.

Father and daughter rode their quad bike across a frozen flooded meadow on the Maastrichterweg in Landgraaf yesterday afternoon. The ice turned out not to be strong enough and they fell through. The water was so deep there that the girl ended up under the ice.

The father was able to get out of the water himself; the girl was rescued by the fire brigade. She was taken to hospital in critical condition. She died there.

The police are calling it a fatal accident and are not making any further announcements out of respect for the relatives.

In Landgraaf people react in shock:

Girl (9) died after accident with quad on ice: ‘Has terrible impact’.

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