Qatargate, Eva Kaili on “Quarta Repubblica”: “They used me”

“I believe in this investigation there have been clear violations of European law, the presumption of innocence and impartiality of the magistrates are completely lacking. The judges’ links with Freemasonry, conflicts of interest have emerged, there have not been the guarantees that exist in Italy. Here there was and is only the presumption of guilt. I will prove my innocence, there is no proof of the accusations against me. They used me to create a political case.”

Thus the former vice-president of the European Parliament, the Greek Eva Kaili breaks the silence on his legal affairs in an interview aired on Monday 15 January, a “Fourth Republic”the talk show hosted by Nicola Porro in prime time on Retequattro. She was accused by the Brussels prosecutor’s office together with Antonio Panzeri and others of being at the center of alleged corruption by Qatar. She spent 6 months in prison and under house arrest. Her partner Francesco Giorgi was also investigated.

“There are people, connected to the conflict of interest for which the investigating judge Michel Claise withdrew, who were not involved in this investigation, neither arrested nor interrogated. Let’s ask ourselves why”, he explains, bringing up the name of the MEP Maria Arena, not involved in the investigation. Arena’s son had emerged as a business partner with magistrate Claise’s son, which is why he withdrew from the investigation.

On the preventive prison explains: “It is unacceptable that such violations of rights happen in the heart of Europe. I asked to be heard in the European Parliament, but this has not yet happened. I believe it is right that citizens know what happened before the European elections, before to go and vote.”

On therepentance agreement signed by Antonio PanzeriKaili accuses: “From that moment he began to lie, even mentioning my name – he said -. Panzeri accepted the agreement in exchange for the release of his wife and daughter. Both in his case and in mine, our families were used against us. To pressure me, in the first few days they told me that my daughter would be entrusted to social services. To get me to confess something that I didn’t commit.”

The former investigating judge Claise who is running for office in Belgium? “I think that in the face of all this, a magistrate who has demonstrated that he has political ambitions, who had to withdraw due to a conflict of interest and who conducted the whole case in this way, should be raised in all the citizens of the serious questions about the whole Qatargate investigation.”

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