Putin vows to eradicate Nazism for good


The Russian president claims that the governments of Ukraine and the Baltic states have adopted “Hitlerites’ ideology and methods” FILE PHOTO. © JENS SCHLUETER / AFP

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to crush modern-day forces that promote Nazism, singling out Ukraine and the Baltic states as countries where the authorities have embraced such attitudes.

Speaking on Saturday at the opening of a memorial to Soviet civilians killed by Nazi German forces in Leningrad Region, the Russian head of state said: “these days the outcomes of the Nuremberg trials are effectively being revised.” He claimed that some countries have gone from rewriting history and whitewashing the Nazis to “arming themselves with Hitlerites’ ideology and methods.”

President Putin cited the Baltic states, in an apparent reference to their treatment of Russian-speaking minorities, which Moscow deems discriminatory.

“The regime in Kiev lionizes Hitlers’ accomplices, SS members, and uses terror against” those who resist it, the Russian leader alleged, accusing the Ukrainian authorities of subjecting the elderly, women and children to “barbaric shelling.”

According to President Putin, “in a number of European countries, Russophobia is being promoted as the state policy.”

“We will do everything – everything to undercut and eradicate Nazism for good,” the Russian head of state pledged.


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