Puck Langenbarg fulfills his role as favorite at the National Cyclocross Championships for juniors

Sunday January 14, 2024 at 11:18 AM

Puck Langenbarg managed to win the Dutch title among the junior women in Hoogeveen, Drenthe, on Sunday. The 17-year-old rider started the National Championships as top favorite and rode to victory unthreatened. Langenbarg crossed the line solo, ahead of Mae Cabaca and Noï Moes.

Today Hoogeveen in Drenthe was the place to be for cross-loving Netherlands: there was a battle here for the Dutch titles in the field. A versatile tour had been designed on and around the grounds of Paviljoen Nijstad, southwest of Hoogeveen, with all the trimmings. All the ingredients were present for a fast and technical cross, but due to the rainfall of the past few days it became – on the Day of Judgment – a slippery and at times treacherous undertaking.

Puck Langenbarg was not deterred and quickly took the lead. The promising cyclo-cross rider initially had to tolerate the company of Mae Cabaca and Noï Moes, but Langenbarg eventually opted for the open water. This quickly turned out to be a decisive moment in the cross. The first pursuers, first-year juniors Cabaca and Moes, turned out to be no longer able to correct the lopsided situation and close the gap.

In fact, Langenbarg kept getting further ahead and eventually crossed the line first with a nice lead. Cabaca rode to the silver medal, Moes was the third woman to take the podium. This Dutch title is undoubtedly an important milestone for winner Langenbarg. She already demonstrated her good form in the run-up to the title battle in Hoogeveen, with a win in the sand cross of Zonhoven.

“I am very happy with this title,” said a very happy Langenbarg after the cross Cyclingonline. “I had a good start, was the first through the first corner, after which Noi came down past me on the bump. I had the wrong track, but then I was able to close the gap by walking and jumped over her. Mae came closer, but the distance was manageable. The course was doable, never easy, but I was able to keep my speed up.”

National Cyclocross Championships, Hoogeveen
Result U19 women
1. flag-nl Puck Langenbarg
2. flag-nl There is Cabaca
3. flag-nl Noï Moes
4. flag-nl Bloeme Kalis
5. flag-nl Roxanne Branches
6. flag-nl Sara Sonnemans
7. flag-nl Jente Koops
8. flag-nl Isere Koster
9. flag-nl Femke Lenferink
10. flag-nl Nanet Housing

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