PSV will become champions, but they still missed Het Record

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PSV had the chance to set a unique record on Sunday, but they failed to do so. To improve the record from the 1987/’88 season, Peter Bosz’s team should have triumphed against Utrecht, but the score was 1-1: they had not won eighteen games in a row, no record. Everyone in the PSV dressing room was dejected when the ‘bitter reality’ had dawned on the players; coach Peter Bosz tried to console his team: ‘Seventeen wins and one draw is also very nice.’ Sure, but not a new record.

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the records. For example, would it be a new record if PSV won matches number four to 21? Or does the record only count if you have won everything from match 1? It is time for a KNVB committee to look into this and come up with clear record rules, otherwise everyone will lose track and it could even happen that records are broken without anyone noticing. In short, there must be an extensive list of all conceivable records, so that everyone knows whether their club is on record.

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Bee Studio Football was data analyst Bart Frouws on Sunday evening VI joined, a man who hangs together record lists. This way he knows which club is the record holder for games won in the rain. You think: I don’t need to know that and I don’t want to know that, but that is a mistake. When a team has won four times in a row in the rain and is about to break the ancient rain record of Blauw-Wit from 1957 and a Bart Frouws points this out to you, then the record suddenly becomes a thing and the talk of the town.

Sorry I let the comment pass

On Sunday evening, Frouws said that before the record match he had a whole list of ‘things’ that PSV could still break. I was immediately interested. Oh yes, what things? Discussion leader Sjoerd van Ramshorst unfortunately let the comment pass, they had to continue with the Jansen issue. Frouws interjected that PSV was now undefeated in a series of 34 games and might be able to improve on Ajax’s record (52), but no one commented on that – while from now on it must be closely monitored whether PSV succeeds in 53 games. to remain undefeated. Frouws has to join us every Sunday evening Studio Football to tell us how things are going with the record levels.

Fortunately, Matthijs van Dam had Fidelity sit carefully and pay attention. PSV missed equaling a record on Sunday: that of winning away games in a row. That stood at thirteen (PSV, 2016), PSV 2024 remained at twelve. Another downer.

For too long we have pretended that the competition is only about the final score. That is far too limited. We need to split the rankings into records of all shapes and sizes, so that the competitions have depth every weekend and the tension is palpable. Which record will be broken next?

The fact that all PSV players were through on Sunday afternoon and the season, even if it ends with a championship, can in fact be considered a failure because The Record has not been improved, says everything about the magical appeal of the record. They have known this for a long time in high jumping and skating, but now it is also starting to penetrate football.

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