Protagonist of the 1st phase of ‘Renascer’, Humberto Carrão makes memes after the premiere of the soap opera: ‘My boyfriend’

The remake of TV Globo’s “Renascer” premiered this Monday (22) with good audience and repercussion on social media. According to data released by the broadcaster, the plot written by Bruno Luperi and with artistic direction by Gustavo Fernández registered in São Paulo, 26 audience points and 44% audience participation, surpassing the premiere of the previous soap opera by 4%, (+1 point). It was the biggest participation of a 9pm soap opera premiere since “Pantanal”, in 2022. On the networks “Renascer” entered the trending topics with emphasis on the soap opera, and the actors Maria Fernanda Candido, Humberto CarrãoEnrique Diaz and Duda Santos.

Aside from the praise, social media was also flooded with memes, of course, and one of those most popular with the jokes was the protagonist of the first phase of the soap opera: Humberto Carrão. Many of the jokes concern the actor’s appearance.

“I wish I was surrounded by Humberto carrão, I would buy the wood for the fence and everything”, wrote an internet user. Another profile published: “Humberto Carrão has been my boyfriend since ‘Sangue bom'”.

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