Program maker Tim den Besten (36) has a rare form of cancer

Program maker Tim den Besten

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Program maker Tim den Besten suffers from a rare form of cancer. His lawyer announced this on behalf of Den Besten and his family.

“The precise diagnosis has recently been established and the results of the latest tests are currently awaited before treatment can begin,” it said in a statement.

According to his lawyer, the 36-year-old program maker not only experiences the physical consequences, but the disease also has a major impact on his mental health.

Earlier today, VPRO announced that the recording of the program Timmyland were stopped because the program maker is “seriously ill”. In the children’s program Timmyland, the presenter investigates what it is like to set up your own country and investigates what is required for this.

100 days

In one of his earlier programs, Tims^tent, Den Besten invited several guests to the campsite with whom he spent a day or evening and had conversations. Together with co-presenter Nicolaas Veul, the new program series was recorded earlier this year 100 days in the forgotten district rounded.

In this series, the two program makers start working as social workers. The two previously made the series 100 days for the classroom in 100 days in your headabout education and psychiatry.

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