Prince Constantijn does ‘this fist on this fist’ in Op1

Prince Constantijn was a guest on the talk show Op1 last night to talk about innovation. But it wasn’t just about that topic. Next to him was Edwin Rutten, known for the ‘Film of Uncle Willem’. And of course a ‘this fist on this fist’ cannot be missed.

“A bit delayed, you did not come by carriage,” journalist Sven Kockelmann opens the conversation with Prince Constantijn in Op1. “Not even with the sleigh,” the prince spontaneously answers. The youngest son of Princess Beatrix and Prince Claus just returned from Los Angeles last night, where he visited the world’s largest tech fair (CES). He did this as a special envoy of Techleap; a non-profit organization that helps build a thriving startup ecosystem in the tech world in the Netherlands. Prince Constantijn already opened the fair in 2021.

Innovation in the field of tech

Together with Assistant Secretary General of NATO David van Weel, Prince Constantijn discussed the influence of innovation and artificial intelligence (AI), among other things, on the war in Ukraine. “You see that civilian techniques such as drones and radar technology can also be used for military purposes,” said the prince. The topic of AI is also discussed. “A year ago, Chat GPT had just been launched and everyone was talking about generative AI, but we didn’t really know how to apply it because there were no business models. And a year later that is completely different.”

Nice to see: sawing like this the teenage years of Prince Constantijn out.

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Princess Laurentien and Countess Eloise are not the only fashion-conscious people in the family. If talk show host Sven Kockelmann’s tie is a bit crooked, the prince briefly points this out.

‘This fist on this fist’ with Uncle Willem

When Prince Constantijn’s neighbor, Edwin Rutten, talks about 50 years of the ‘Film of Uncle Willem’, the prince regularly agrees. Rutten emphasizes how important the first twelve years are in a child’s development. “That’s why I think it’s so fantastic that your wife is so committed to reading, I give her my warmest regards,” says Edwin Rutten. “The first four years are absolutely crucial, access to reading and text is super important in the first few years,” Prince Constantijn adds.

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After Edwin Rutten concludes his story with “I’m a rascal,” Prince Constantijn pushes his fist forward. “Shall we do it?” Rutten asks. Prince Constantijn doesn’t hesitate for a moment and happily sings along with ‘Uncle Willem’. Do you want to see what this looks like? This cozy image can be seen from minute 55:12 on NPO Start.

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