“Prevention saves lives”

The virologist and scientific communicator Roberto Burioni, author of the book ‘Match Point’, took stock of the situation on the fight against tumors

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According to the virologist and scientific communicator Roberto Burioniwe are really close to defeating cancer. The expert dedicated his latest book, entitled ‘Match Point‘, and, during an interview, he took stock of the situation in the fight against cancer, underlining once again theimportance of prevention.

Roberto Burioni’s announcement on the fight against cancer

In an interview granted to the ‘Corriere della Sera’, Roberto Burioni, when asked “Are we really close to defeating cancer?“, he answered: “I think sobut mine is not optimism, it is scientific realism. But let me start with a nice example.”

The example of the virologist and science communicator: “Jimmy Carter, former president of the USA. In 2015 he was diagnosed with brain metastases and, thanks to treatment, he recently celebrated his 99th birthday. I’m not saying that miracles are or will be done, but that we are becoming increasingly better and more precise in our treatments.”

Roberto BurioniPhoto source: ANSA

The latest book by virologist and science communicator Roberto Burioni, entitled ‘Match Point’, is dedicated to the analysis of treatments against tumors.

The news on “advanced stage” tumors

About the “advanced stage” tumorsRoberto Burioni explained: “Science evolves continuously and the last important step forward is that we are able not only to act against those caught ‘in time’, but progress is being made with others too. This does not depend only on this or that discovery; it is, rather, a convergence of collaborating knowledge, from molecular biology to diagnostics to artificial intelligence”.

The importance of prevention

As for prevention, Burioni explained that exercising and eating healthy “matters much more than you think.” Then he added: “In the book I don’t just report my research, but I also present a rich bibliography of experts, because the topics addressed are many. Certainly Prevention saves our lives sometimes“.

Burioni also said, referring to himself: “I’m a hypochondriac. I do everything that needs to be done, regular screenings. But I would never treat myself: both for myself and for my family, I always choose other doctors and ask them to be truthful, strict and human.”

Roberto Burioni on the fight against cancer

Photo source: ANSA

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