President Sisi and 7 important messages at home and abroad

  • The state continues to work on all files

  • Progress is the role of the government and the people together and confronting any crises with more work

  • We thank all countries that provide aid and welcome the United Nations ceasefire decision

  • We play a positive role with all parties and announce the results after they are completed

Important and clear messages sent by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to the Egyptian interior, the region and the world, during the opening and review of the second exhibition of Egyptian industries, organized by the Federation of Industries. The presence of the president was despite the state’s preoccupation with regional events and the aggression against Gaza, its regional and international repercussions, and its direct impact on Egypt and its national security, which It requires attention, interaction and communication with all regional and international parties, while the state’s plans for development continue and confront its repercussions on the economy and citizens, emphasizing that the state does not stop following up on development and investment plans, development projects, steps and initiatives in all directions, and does not stop working on all files together, nor It abandons one file in favor of another, as the internal file is of equal importance with the file of national and regional security and foreign policy, and Egypt seeks to support the Palestinians, stop the aggression, and prevent any plans aimed at exporting the crisis or resolving it at the expense of the security of Egypt and its lands.

The first and most important message is that the state is continuing on its path to development, developing the economy and industry, and investing in a way that represents a continuation of development plans and confronting the challenges of the economy, while emphasizing that the state has the ability to confront any challenges at home and abroad, with the same efficiency. Over the years, the idea of ​​localizing the industry was a demand and a direction from the state, and within 8 years, more than one industrial zone was launched and built, with the revival of industries in which Egypt has competitive advantages, such as spinning, weaving, and leather, as well as industries for exploiting raw materials that are available in Egypt and are exported as raw materials, which is what The country loses added value, and the strengthening of industries related to local needs, such as requirements for the automobile industry, which represents an increase in the Egyptian component in industries, such as cars, water purification and sewage plants. In general, the industry file represents a priority for the state, and a strategic goal that provides added values ​​and job opportunities, reduces imports and increases Export opportunities.

The “Start” initiative launched by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi represented one of the most important initiatives to support the economy and investment, and this appeared during President El-Sisi’s attendance at the opening of the forum and the annual international exhibition for industry in its second edition. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi witnessed, via video conference, a number of models of the initiative’s projects. The National Institute for the Development of Egyptian Industry “Ibda” was keen to assure the factory owners of the state’s readiness to provide any support that these factories need to expand and increase production. He told the owner of a factory in Beheira Governorate that specializes in exporting vegetables, fruits and agricultural crops, to prepare to support his expansion to double his five-year plans to two years, as he said. The owner of a medical industry company specializing in the manufacture of syringes stressed the importance of turning to the production of self-destructing syringes… and the state’s willingness to grant incentives and privileges to those who want to expand. The owner of an automobile spring production factory also pointed out the importance of expansion, with the state’s readiness to support any steps that double production and export with regard to auto spare parts. The President said that manufacturing components and equipment for treating sewage and drinking water plants is an important topic to fill the need in the Decent Life Initiative, and there is a need to increase the production of treatment, sewage and lifting plants, and the state’s goal is not to share the profit with the investor, but rather to provide high-quality products and provide job opportunities.

President Sisi also witnessed the opening of a number of technical education schools after developing them completely via video conference technology. Among these schools are the Ibda National School for Technical Sciences in Badr, which specializes in the field of artificial intelligence, and the Ibda National School for Technical Sciences in Damietta, which specializes in the fields of logistics services, maintenance and repair. Ships, and President Sisi said that the state is ready to rehabilitate 100 technical education schools annually within the framework of developing the industry. He said that engineer Mohamed Al-Suwaidi, head of the Federation of Industries, spoke about the need for 1,000 technical schools, and the state is ready for any rehabilitation of any technical schools in a way that achieves the goal and purpose of developing Industry, stressing that the state is interested in supporting and developing the industry to cover the needs of the market, to cover the needs of the Egyptian market, and export, and small companies can save a lot locally, and reduce the proportion of the imported component of production, in a way that saves hard currencies, and the president called on the private sector to expand in the different governorates, The government’s willingness to provide facilities to investors.

Regarding progress and facing the challenges of the economy, the President said that the creation of progress and development is not limited to a president or government only, but also the people and society contribute to awareness of the importance of this progress, and participation in it from all directions. “The state with its people and its people… is strong with its people, not with a government or a president.” “Every citizen was keen to play his role in his place, stressing the state’s readiness to provide facilities to help the investor spend on production tools and reduce the duration and quantities of production plans, and for the Federation of Industries to be a bridge between the people and the government.”

This is about the internal affairs. As for the crisis that the region is experiencing, represented by the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, the President was keen to stress that he is following up on media and communication platforms the concern of some people, and he reassured everyone that the Egyptian state is keen to play a positive role and stability, and to make every effort. To stop the conflict and bring peace, and put pressure on the arrival of all aid to Gaza in proportion to the size of the needs, and thanked all the countries that sent aid, and Egypt is keen to have a positive role in alleviating the severity of the crisis by releasing detainees, and we do not talk about everything we do. Only after it is completed and announced.

President Sisi reiterated that “Egypt is a very strong country that cannot be touched… a sovereign country… its sovereignty and status must be respected.” He reassured the Egyptians, “Don’t worry… by the grace of God Almighty, just as He preserved the country in 2011 and 2013, He will always preserve it, because our policy does not involve treachery.” Or meanness, conspiracy, or opportunism, and our interest is for the entire region to be stable, thanks to God and the youth of Egypt, its people, its army, and their awareness, able to completely protect its country.”

The president was keen to reassure the interior and emphasize Egypt’s pivotal role in stopping the repercussions of the conflict.

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