President of Sancor: “We were never able to meet with Atilra and Banco Nación never lent the money”

The extensive conflict that Sancor crosses and fight he maintains with the Association of Dairy Workers of the Argentine Republic (Atilra) added a new chapter: the intention of businessmen to break the silence and come out to demonstrate.

Last week The union had launched a new “fight plan” regarding the weak economic situation of the company.

“The directors of the cooperativeor they have not been complying for years with the legal, salary provisions and with regard to contributions and contributions to their charge, “These amounts are withheld from them and they keep them for their own benefit, since they use what is withheld from them to pay themselves,” Atilra had denounced.

At Sancor there is a moment of uncertainty regarding the implementation or not of a rescue trust for the company.


That’s why now, From the company they decided to leave the written statements and express themselves at the level of journalistic interviews. Alberto Sánchez, president of the company, very little interested in interviews, gave his view on the situation in a note with “The Field Today”of Chain 3.

“Us We have been working with a trust that started a couple of years ago, with the official Mario Cafiero as president of INAES. We proposed to see how to invest funds within the cooperative to carry it forward,” Sánchez said.

Some time later, due to the death of Cafiero, the situation was left in the hands of the former Minister of Production Matías Kulfas. “After a period without answering the phone and without activitywe were told in November that there were three investors: Urtubey, Marcelo Figueiras and Gustavo Scaglione, who were going to set up a federal trust with SanCor and the promise was that Banco Nación made a loan of $60 million”, he said.

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But in that step was where the company, they say, faced one of the main obstacles: Banco Nación never approved loans to the dairy company.

“There was pressure from the union for us to make quick decisions, there were assemblies and strikes. We held a meeting in January where we approved the formation of the trust. That trust that had to be in place in March, April, could not be put in place because Banco Nación never lent the money. He remained unemployed until Kulfas left the Ministry,” Sánchez criticized.


From there, the situation was at a standstill that was later reactivated after the arrival of Sergio Massa to the ministry. In a meeting that took place at the end of November last year, the minister received the Sancor leadership in the company of the new president of INAES, Alex Roig, plus Fernando “Chino” Navarro.

“We ask Massa for working capital, that will help us collect a debt that Sacor has in Venezuela and see how to restructure the tax debt we have,” explained the president of the firm.

Crisis in Sancor: Massa intervened and Atilra suspended, for now, the national strike

However, he criticized the current Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Juan José Bahillo.

“Massa accompanies us, he tells us that Bahillo, who was present at the meeting, was going to take charge of the Sancor issue, but that did not happen”, he noted.

From there the cooperative began to model the possibility of turning to a financial trust. “Today the fight is given because We are not going to take false steps, without having the firmness of what we need moving forward.“Said Sánchez.

And beyond his criticism of Bahillo, he maintained: “This government accompanied us, very much, beyond the inaction of Kulfas at the time, after The Ministry of Massa accompanied us, Afip is accompanying us and we cannot empty the companyjust in case if the CNV later approves and the trust is put into operation,” he assured.

Atilra returns to the fray due to the eternal crisis in Sancor: it launched a fight plan with harsh warnings


Sánchez chose not to comment on an alleged intention of the union to keep the cooperative. “I can’t answer that. In the restructuring that we have been doing since 2017, we have had a very good relationship with the union until the issue of the trust arises, and since then we have lost dialogue with the union,” he revealed.

“Although we have a technical dialogue, but a political dialogue with the union to make decisions and so on, since December of last year during my presidency I was never able to meet with the union to discuss all these issues and be able to solve it,” he lamented.

Furthermore, Sánchez stated that the dairy sector today is in “a perfect storm” and that the entire chain is working at a loss.

If we had had in the dairy, an SME dollar, or a dead cow dollar, or a soybean dollar, I think we could have fought“I’m not talking about reaching the production costs, but I am talking about fighting it so that the producer is a little more comfortable,” he said.

And he closed: “We are mortgaging the dairy of the future“We are killing cows, selecting all those cows that have no future or that have a long way to go before producing again or the cow that last year was killed with 12 liters today is killed with 15 or 20.”

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