Pregnant Bibi Breijman explodes after new gossip: ‘Yvonne, stop!’

Pregnant Bibi Breijman is completely out of her depth after the latest gossip about her husband Waylon. She calls on the juice channels, including that of former friend Yvonne Coldeweijer, to stop.


Bibi Breijman and Waylon are currently expecting their third child. During the pregnancy of their second child, he cheated on her with someone else, after which they ended up in a short relationship crisis. Now that she is pregnant again, the juice channels are once again coming up with juice about Waylon. And it’s about cheating again.


Juice queen Yvonne Coldeweijer wrote about her this week channel: “OMG. I just saw among my juice colleagues that Waylon cheated on him with a chick from Love Island in 2021. She was still working at their daughter’s daycare at the time. Wow sickening. 🤢 How many Waylon affairs are there? exposed? 🤔”

Yvonne refers to reports of this Juice Channel. They reported: “She worked at the daycare center where daughter Teddy was taken. Waylon has also been there a number of times and that is how the contact between the two started. Even a daycare center is a breeding ground for lies and affairs these days. 🥲”

Bibi is woest

Bibi now flies into a rage. She writes in capitals on her Instagram-page: “I don’t even know where to start, but this has to end at some point. In all those months of dirty messages about my family, I kept my back and ignored it.”

She continues: “But now I lie here under the supervision of the hospital, fighting for the well-being of our unborn child and our daughter’s name is being used, her own safe environment, the daycare center and the teacher who also has a private life. For what? To make a date from 2016, when we didn’t even know each other yet, even dirtier.”

‘Where is the line?’

Bibi is fed up. “Where is the line? Stop this and leave my family alone. You juice channels are just playing with people’s lives. Post semi-empathetic messages about how bad it is for me that my postpartum period has already been ruined by ‘Waylon’ and now again in this pregnancy?!”

She is really pissed off about it and doesn’t hide it. “While you know what it really is like, but never have the balls to report it!”


It’s all just clickbait, Bibi continues. She then points out merchandise promoted on the juice channels. “Good luck with your clickbaits! May you sell a lot of clothing from China or carpets from Morocco with it. Then at least it will have done something for someone!”

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