Pre-Cup of the Northeast opens national football calendar this Saturday

Professional football in Brazil kicks off 2024 this Saturday, with the start of the Northeast Pre-Cup. From Paraíba, Sousa and Botafogo-PB compete for vacancies. Paraíba champion of 2023, Treze enters with a direct place.

There will be 16 clubs, from the nine states of the region, behind the last four places in the group stage of the competition, which begins at the beginning of February. Among them, two have already lifted the cup: Santa Cruz (in 2016) and Sampaio Corrêa (2018).
Played this year in two elimination phases, with single games, the Northeast Pre-Cup was introduced in 2018, always classifying four teams for the group stage.

Photo: Ascom/Botafogo/PB

Photo: Ascom/Botafogo/PB

In total, 38 different clubs have already had to compete in the qualifiers in these seven seasons, including the current one. In 2024, Iguatu-CE is the only newcomer. From Paraíba, Sousa and Botafogo-PB compete for places. Paraíba champion of 2023, Treze enters with a direct place.

Confiança is the most present. This year will be the fifth participation of the team from Sergipe, which managed to reach the group stage twice and fell short on two other occasions.

CSA is the club that can accumulate the most appearances in the main stage of the Copa do Nordeste coming from its pre-phase. This will be the fourth participation of Azulão from Alagoas, who was successful the other three times in which they had to face the knockout stage.

Last year, the place came on penalties against América-RN, which accumulated three eliminations in the three times it had to compete in the Pre-Nordestão. In 2024, however, the team from Rio Grande do Norte, as the current state champion, is already guaranteed in the group stage.

Just like América-RN, Moto Clube and Juazeirense also accumulated three eliminations. The detail is that the two teams face each other this Sunday, and the eliminated team will have a negative record, while whoever advances will continue dreaming of an unprecedented passage to the group stage.

See today’s games

CSA x Iguatu-CE
ABC-RN x Sousa
Confidence x Retrô-PE
Ferroviário-CE x ASA-AL

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