Possible penalty moment in Feyenoord-PSV cup match is included in KNVB evaluation

The penalty kick moment in question: Noa Lang flies through the air after the duel with Mats Wieffer

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The KNVB referee affairs department does not (yet) discuss the possible penalty kick moment in the cup match Feyenoord-PSV. The moment when PSV player Noa Lang fell in the penalty area after a tackle by Mats Wieffer will be included in the upcoming evaluation.

“Just like in other cases in competitions where there is something to do,” a KNVB spokesperson explains. The situation will probably also be discussed in the group with all referees, who meet regularly.

Feyenoord won the match in the eighth finals of the KNVB Cup 1-0 against PSV. There was great dissatisfaction among the people of Eindhoven in the second half because of Wieffer’s possible foul on Lang. Referee Dennis Higler did not give a penalty and video referee Clay Ruperti did not intervene either.

Anger at PSV

After the match, PSV coach Peter Bosz still furious. “If you have seen the images, there is no discussion possible?! Come on,” said Bosz. “This was a penalty and a yellow card. I can imagine that the match will look different. So it was a crucial moment.”

Fellow trainer Arne Slot understood Bosz’s anger.

Watch the reactions of Peter Bosz and Arne Slot after the cup match here:

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