Ports and Waterways – Waterway on the Madeira River discussed during a meeting between the Port of Porto Velho and the federal commission – Government of the State of Rondônia

The meeting studies the feasibility of granting and implementing the waterway on the Madeira River

A first meeting of the Society of Ports and Waterways of Rondônia (Soph) with the commission led by the Superintendency of Port and Waterway Projects (Supaq), to study the feasibility of concession and implementation of the waterway on the Madeira River, took place on Monday (6) . It is the first stage of the visit carried out by the Supaq technical team, from Infra SA, together with the technical team from the Ministry of Ports and Airports and the National Waterway Transport Agency (Antaq), and will last until Thursday (9).

In the action regarding the Madeira River, the preparation of the Economic and Environmental Technical Feasibility Study – EVTEA, the final product of the visit, was discussed. Expectations and identification of opportunities and risks will also be collected, based on interviews with public and private entities that use the Madeira River as the main route for transporting products.

This project is one of the stages of the General Waterway Grants Plan, approved by the Minister of Ports and Airports, Silvio Costa Filho, with the aim of enhancing navigation on waterways. The Waterways coordinator of the Ministry of Ports and Airports of the Federal Government, Rafael Mendonça, emphasized that, “dialogue with the Port of Porto Velho is necessary so that relevant information can be exchanged about port logistics and the reality that the sector faces, something that has become more urgent with the severe drought that has hit the Madeira River in recent months”.

Project is part of the General Waterway Grants Plan

The fundamental infrastructure for establishing the waterway mainly involves signaling the river, regularizing dredging, in addition to creating alternatives to reduce environmental impact. The CEO of Soph, Fernando Parente, highlighted that the importance of this step, “is fundamental so that we can enhance the flow of production in the State, which has been growing annually. The improvements on the Madeira River are also intended to bring more investors and more jobs,” he highlighted.

The governor of Rondônia, Marcos Rocha, recognizes the importance of the waterway for the economic development and sustainability of the region. “It is essential that we continue to invest in the combination of natural and infrastructural elements, as well as in appropriate regulations and management, to ensure that waterways are viable and efficient as means of water transport. The State Government is committed to promoting economic growth, reducing logistical costs and minimizing environmental impact, ensuring a prosperous future for our State”, he pointed out.

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