Pope Francis: “Resignation is a possibility, but not now”

The Pontiff was a guest of Fabio Fazio on Che Tempo Che Fa. On his resignation he explained: “It is not a thought nor a concern nor a desire, but a possibility open to all Popes. But at the moment it is not at the center of my thoughts “As long as I feel like serving, I will continue”, if the condition changes “we will have to think about it”, he added. And when asked how he is, he replied: “Still alive”

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Resignation is a possibility, but not now. This is how Pope Francis responded to Fabio Fazio, during an interview with What’s the weather like on the Nine. “It is not a thought nor a concern nor a desire, but a possibility open to all Popes – said Bergoglio –. But at the moment it is not at the center of my thoughts”. “As long as I feel like serving I will continue”, if it changes the condition “will have to be thought about”, explained the Pontiff. And when asked how he is, he replied: “Still alive” (THE SPECIAL ON THE POPE).

On the war in the Middle East

During the interview, the Pope also spoke about other topics. Regarding the war in the Middle East, he said: “Every day I call the parish in Gaza and they tell me the terrible things that are happening. How many dead Arabs and how many dead Israelis, two peoples called to be brothers by self-destructing each other” (HAMAS-ISRAEL WAR: UPDATESTHE SPECIAL). On the arms trade, he added: “The trade that gives the most is the arms trade. Many times wars continue” or become more extensive “to sell more weapons” or “test new weapons”. Answering a question about what scares him, the Pope replied: “This escalation of war scares me. One wonders how we will end up, with atomic weapons destroying everything. How will we end up? Like Noah’s Ark? This makes me fear: humanity’s capacity for self-destruction.”

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On the blessing of gay couples

Francis also returned to the blessings for gay couples, which has been discussed in recent days. The Church must “bless everyone, the Lord blesses everyone, all those who come, the Lord blesses everyone”, he said, but then “people must enter into conversation with the Lord and see the path he indicates”. Speaking of the Church, he added: “We must take people by the hand, not condemn them. We must help them find that path, not condemn them from the beginning.” The document on the blessings of irregular and same-sex couples has created controversy and division within the Church. Fazio then asked Bergoglio if he sometimes doesn’t feel alone when he has to make decisions. “When you make a decision – replied the Pope – there is a price of loneliness that you have to pay. Sometimes decisions are not accepted. But most of the time, when decisions are not accepted it is because they are not knows. If you don’t like a decision, go and talk”, we “confront it, but if nothing is expressed we close ourselves in resistance” and the danger is that “I don’t like it and I put it in my heart”.

Pope Francis greets faithful during his weekly general audience in Paolo VI Hall at the Vatican, 10 January  2024.  ANSA/MAURIZIO BRAMBATTI

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About children

Speaking about children, Bergoglio said: “They are the great exploited, the great discarded, we forget that they are the future but we take the future away from them”. Francis spoke, in particular, of Ukrainian children: “They don’t smile” and “for a child to forget his smile is criminal, this makes war”. The Pope explained that he wanted to call the first world meeting of children in Rome at the end of May: “We must draw attention to them, they are the future. Let’s not forget: you don’t play with children”.

Pope Francis leads his Angelus prayer from the window of his office overlooking Saint Peter s Square at the Vatican, 05 November 2023. During the Angelus prayer, Pope Francis expresses his condolences for the victims of a deadly earthquake in Nepal, prayed for the victims of flooding in Europe and for Afghans who have taken refuge in neighboring Pakistan.  

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Next trips

The Pope also stated that he would like to go to Argentina this year and announced that he will go to Polynesia in August. Of Argentina he said: “It worries me because the people are suffering so much there. There are plans to make a trip there in the second half of the year. In August I have to go to Polynesia and then there will be a trip to Argentina.” “I would like to go”, explained Francesco, adding that “he has been missing from his country for ten years” “and I would like to go”. Fazio also asked him why he always asks to pray for him. “Because I am a sinner and I need God’s help to remain faithful to the vocation he gave me – said the Pontiff -. I know my weaknesses and for this I must ask for prayers. The Lord called me to be a priest and to be a bishop”, “to be a pastor, not a state cleric”.

Pope Francis reacts during the weekly general audience in Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City, 12 April 2023.   ANSA/ETTORE FERRARI

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