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Resignation is “a possibility open to all Popes” but “at the moment they are not at the center of my thoughts”. He defends the decision to bless gay couples even though “there is a price of loneliness to pay.” The Pope speaks for almost an hour in the interview with Fabio Fazio on Che Tempo Che Fa on Nove.

There is it guerra that worries him, the drama of the migrantsi children that they are “discarded” and that “they no longer smile” and this “is criminal”. But there is also the desire to return to his Argentina where he has been missing for ten years. And he announces a trip to Polynesia for the month of August. “Still alive”. So the Pope begins by responding to the presenter who asked him how he was doing. As for the possible resignation “it is not a thought nor a concern nor a desire but a possibility open to all Popes. But at the moment it is not at the center of my thoughts”, “as long as I feel I have the ability to serve I move forward, when I don’t I’ll make it, it’ll be time to think about it”, added Pope Francis.

Among the many questions, the one about the blessings of the gay couples on which the Church is deeply divided: “There is a price of loneliness that you have to pay, sometimes decisions are not accepted”. And he defends her decision: the Church must “bless everyone, the Lord blesses everyone, all those who come, the Lord blesses everyone” but then “people must see the path that the Lord shows them”. “We need to help them find that path, not condemn them from the start.”

The Pope then reiterates that the drama of wars is linked to arms trade: “Wars are fought to sell weapons and to test new weapons” because it is trade that makes the most money. But escalation can be dangerous: “I’m afraid”, admits the Pope, “what will happen to us? Like Noah’s Ark?”. Francis speaks in particular of Ukrainian children “who don’t smile” and “for a child to forget his smile is criminal, this causes war”. For this reason he wanted to organize the first world meeting of children in Rome at the end of May. “We need to draw attention to them, they are the future.”

He talks about his daily phone calls to the parish of Gaza and in general of the conflict in the Middle East where “Israelis and Palestinians, called to be brotherly peoples, destroy each other”. Bergoglio confides to Fazio that he would like to go to Argentina this year and announces that in August he will go to Polynesia. Of his Argentina he said: “It worries me because the people are suffering so much there.” And he announced: “There is a plan to make a trip there in the second half of the year. In August I have to go to Polynesia and then there will be a trip to Argentina. I would like to go, I have been missing from my country for ten years” and I would like to go”. “God always forgives”, “God forgives everyone”, “we are the ones who get tired of asking for forgiveness”, he says in conclusion. “I like to imagine an empty hell, it’s not a dogma”, he specifies, saying that he would, however, like it if it were really like that.

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