PlayStation Portal was not made to make money

Earlier this year, Sony announced the PlayStation Portal, a DualSense controller with a screen between the two handles. This makes it possible to stream PlayStation 5 games to the device via Remote Play, so that the TV can be used for something else in the meantime.

The system is now available and you will soon read whether it is useful in our review. Following the release, Hideaki Nishino, vice president of platform experience at Sony PlayStation, spoke about the system with the Japanese site AV Watch.

That interview shows that Sony designed the device to accommodate people who do not want to or cannot sit in front of a TV while they want to game. It is an alternative way to experience PlayStation 5 games. This was the primary premise.

Sony is also not interested in selling a lot, because making a profit has not been an objective. If Sony sees that gameplay time increases with the help of the PlayStation Portal, then they have succeeded in their goal, Nishino indicates.

“Rather than profitability, we want to increase the amount of time we can play with PS5. If you can play anywhere, I think some people will definitely spend more time playing games.”

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