PlayStation Portal is available again on Amazon: also in installments

After a somewhat muted pre-launch, PlayStation Portal it is quickly gaining more and more support, so much so that it has even sold out on Amazon. Now, if you are interested, know that the remote player is back available again at the list price of 219.90 euros: furthermore, by choosing the Cofidis payment method, you can even pay it in installments to amortize the expense.

PlayStation Portal lets you play with your PS5 wherever you want: how it works

PlayStation Portal is a device, a remote player, that allows you to access your favorite games on the PS5 console via your home Wi-Fi network, without having to use the TV. Thanks to his 8″ LCD screenPlayStation Portal offers spectacular visual quality with a resolution of 1080p at 60 fps.

PlayStation Portal su Amazon

This device is designed to offer you an unrivaled remote gaming experience. Turn it on, press a button to connect to your PS5 console, and start playing immediately. No waiting, just pure gaming action in your hands. And wanting you can also play away from homejust keep your PS5 connected at home and you’ll find an excellent connection wherever you are, even from a hotspot.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own PlayStation Portal, the remote player that is slowly conquering everyone. Order yours on Amazon today and start enjoying an unprecedented gaming experience, comfortably from the sofa of your home.

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