Players recreate pop culture characters in Tekken 8

The players of Tekken 8 are taking great advantage of the customization features in the game. On social media, several creations attract attention and show how characters from popular culture were incorporated into the fighting title.

One of the game’s biggest new features is the combatant editing tool. Through it, you can adjust facial details, clothing styles, accessories and other aesthetic features, as well as general user interface information.

As a result, Tekken 8 players got excited about the functions and gave life to very popular names in entertainment. Among them are Goku (Dragon Ball), Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil), John Wick, Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII) and other memorable characters.

Check out some of the community creations that attract the most attention below:


tekken 8
Fonte: Goodest_Boi/Reddit

John Wick

tekken 8
Fonte: Silenti7/Reddit

Leon S. Kennedy e Goku

tekken 8
Fonte: shmick28/Reddit

Tifa Lockhart

tekken 8
Source: rieper47/X

It is worth remembering that the editing tool is free, but some of the items require the use of in-game currencies. Furthermore, all cosmetics overlay existing fighters, as can be seen in the images above.

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Tekken 8 producer is undecided about guest characters

In response to an internet user, Katsuhiro Harada stated that he has not yet decided on the addition of guest characters in Tekken 8. The producer’s resistance is longstanding and indicates that the focus is on expanding the catalog of fighters involved with the campaign. Click here to know more.

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