Pippo Baudo is a piece of me, he could have presented anything

Giancarlo Magalli talks about himself to Da noi… a libero and celebrates 70 years of Rai by electing Pippo Baudo as his favourite: “If the others had specialities, he can present any type of program and he did so”.

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Giancarlo Magalli retraces his career as a guest on Da noi… a libero. The presenter spoke about his career at Rai since the beginning Francesca Fialdiniguest of the episode of 7 January 2024 during which the 70 years of Rai which fell a few days ago were celebrated, corresponding to the date on which Rai broadcasts began in 1954. During the Sunday afternoon talk show on Rai1 the author and presenter told a series of anecdotes about his career and awarded his personal prizes on the history of television.

From Baudo to Mike Bongiornopassing through Corrado and Enzo TortoraMagalli reviewed the biggest names in the history of TV with whom he also had the fortune of working. “All unsurpassed – Magalli specified – Tortora was good and meticulous, but also creative: many programs were created by him. Bongiorno was fantastic, the story of the quiz. He also made us laugh a lot: when he entered the studio he couldn’t wait to leave ! Whatever stood between him and returning home was an enemy to be defeated.”

Then Magalli remembered Corrado: “With him I did the zero episode of ‘La Corrida’. They asked me to be a competitor, as an ‘imitator’, only that I got there and all the heads of RAI were there, the big shots… so it occurred to me to change Instead of introducing myself as an ‘imitator’ I said ‘I’m a presenter’. And it became a serious, real audition: something very funny came out, they made us go on for a quarter of an hour with everyone laughing like crazy”.

Magalli then talks about Pippo Baudo, with whom he has conducted on several occasions and with whom he maintains an excellent relationship. Also by virtue of this closeness he defines it as his favourite: “It’s a piece of me, we still talk often today. If the others had specialties, he can present any type of program and he did. I have to assign it to him, otherwise who will listen to him!”.

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