Piepjong FC Volendam O21 lost without a chance against De Graafschap O21

Jong FC Volendam – De Graafschap U21: 1 – 3 (0 – 1)

October 23, 2023 / National O21 competition

A very youthful Young FC Volendam lost the catch-up match against De Graafschap O21 last Saturday, which was originally planned during the Volendammer Fair. A strong away team with a lot of experience won effortlessly in the Kras Stadium, thanks to a double by Ezra van der Heiden and a goal by Blnd Hassan. On the side of Jong FC Volendam, debutant Jesper Tielemans scored the goal of honor: 1 – 3.

De Graafschap put a lot of pressure from the kick-off, but Michael Dingsdag’s team played well. Pinpricks, those were the chances of the Volendam team. Shots by Caner Demircioglu, David Petrović and Jermaine Rijssel proved to be too inaccurate. They mostly survived, but thanks to excellent goalkeeping Abdessalam Ouboumalne, the score remained on the board. Just before half time, the Volendam team had to swallow a bitter pill: A corner kick from De Graafschap was headed hard behind closing post Ouboumalne by Van der Heiden. Both teams went to tea with a 0 – 1 score.

The second half started as the first half ended: Hassan made it 0 – 2 for his team via a corner kick. The shoulders went down and the first Volendam danger of the second half was signed via substitute Kay-Shawn Wong-A-Soij. A curled shot narrowly missed the post, as did a header. This gave the Dingsdag team some color on their faces again.


After more than an hour, Van der Heiden made his second of the afternoon. A tight cross from Sam Bisselink was slotted in by the midfielder and left Ouboumalne without a chance. The scorer of two goals was then immediately replaced by Mike Veenstra. There were also changes on the Volendam side; Ezechiel Fiemawhle was brought in for the experience, where Anass Bouziane and Tielemans were allowed to make their debut for the Under 21 of FC Volendam. The latter was the only bright spot for Jong FC Volendam. With his first ball contact, Tielemans passed the defense of De Graafschap and defeated the Doetinchem closing post Ties Wieggers with a dry blow: 1 – 3.

After the goal, the Volendam team switched to the ‘all or nothing’ tactic, but to no avail. De Graafschap took home the three points and left Jong FC Volendam empty-handed.

Go Ahead Eagles-thuis

On Saturday, Jong FC Volendam will play at home against Go Ahead Eagles O21. Kick-off takes place at 3:00 PM in the Kras Stadium.

Score progression:
45+1′ Ezra van der Heiden 0 – 1
47′ Blnd Hassan 0 – 2
63′ Ezra van der Heiden 0 – 3
74′ Jesper Tielemans 1 – 3

Yellow cards:
Blnd Hassan (De Graafschap O21) and Mika van der Horst

Line-up Jong FC Volendam: Abdessalam Ouboumalne; Rob Tol, Jay Koorndijk, Luc van Koeverden, Francisco Reyes Marizan; Mika van der Horst, Flip Klomp (73. Jesper Tielemans), Robin van Cruijsen (89. Milan Englander); Caner Demircioglu (60. Key-Shawn Wong-A-Soij), David Petrović (73. Anass Bouziane), Jermaine Rijssel (73. Ezechiel Fiemawhle)

Line-up De Graafschap O21: Ties Wieggers; Jim van der Logt, Joran Hardeman (46. Jesse Oostendorp), Maas Willemsen, Jesper van Riel; Stan Wevers, Hamza Bouihrouchane (65. Denzel Eijken), Ezra van der Heiden (65. Mike Veenstra); Sam Bisselink (81. Mert Bulut), Elie Raterink, Blnd Hassan (73. Tygo Grotenhuis)

Text: Stefan van Nierop
Photos: Chris Dingsdag

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