Personal trainer dies at age 31 from heart attack

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One personal trainer died in the city of Ponta Grossa, in Paranávictim of a heart attack, aged 31. Danilo de Campos He died after seeking medical attention, complaining of stomach pain.

He went to the hospital alone and, after being released, he ended up dying at his home on December 30th.

After Danilo’s death, the family was informed of the discomfort linked to his heart, which had a high heart rate.

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According to Danilo’s widow, Daniela Kuhnhe followed a healthy routine, with weight training six times a week, in addition to frequent consultations with a nutritionist.

She said that Danilo had no apparent health problems and had had a heart check-up six months ago.

Personal trainer and bodybuilder

Danilo even competed in a bodybuilding tournament in 2022, placing fifth out of 15 participants. The personal would have decided not to compete again due to the sacrifices imposed on his health and family.

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The widow says that Danilo consumed supplements to improve training performance, such as whey protein, creatine and pre-workout compounds. Daniela also uses the same products.

In addition to his wife Daniela, Danilo also left behind a six-year-old stepson.

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