Perla is Garibaldi’s pawn, I’m sorry she doesn’t realize it

Big Brother 2023/2024

In the January 15th episode of Big Brother, a new confrontation between Mirko Brunetti, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Perla Vatiero. The first, a former competitor, explained: “You are a pawn, I’m sorry you don’t realize it. He is a great player.”

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Big Brother 2023/2024

In the January 15th episode of Big Brother, space for a new comparison between Mirko Brunetti, Giuseppe Garibaldi e Perla Vatiero. Only last week, the former had accused the latter of being a “great player” and to have taken advantage of his absence to hitting on his ex.

Perla’s truth about her relationship with Garibaldi

Alfonso Signorini called Mirko, now a former competitor, to the center of the studio, while in the Casa Perla and Garibaldi moved to the LED room. Mirko claims that the ex-roommate is a great player and that’s itto malice in his friendship with Pearl. The person concerned, however, reiterates that this is not the case: I feel at ease, I don’t feel this malice on his part. I’m not interested in Giuseppe from that point of view.”

The new confrontation between Garibaldi and Mirko

Mirko explained that he is not jealous of Perla, but only worried that Garibaldi is playing with her. “I’m sorry you don’t realize it, Pearl is a pawn, I do not think that Giuseppe wants to put himself in my shoes, the 26-year-old said. Then Signorini showed Mirko a video in which the ex-roommate wears his trousers in the house. “He’s a great player, thanks to me they will still continue to talk about him, you should thank me.”

Already last week, on the January 8th episode, the two had argued live. Mirko had accused Garibaldi of being a player: “What I said is wearing him down because I hit him in the center.”. What annoyed the former competitor were the tender exchanges between Perla and her former roommate in bed. “I don’t like inconsistency, he told me I’m jealous because I’m out and he’s there. The way things are going, being here is a bonus. I see malice in his embraces with Pearl. She looks for affection, he sees malice in it”Mirko reiterated.

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