Pedro Pascal could join Marvel with The Fantastic Four

After a fleeting passing through DC, Peter Pascal could go to Marvel in one of the most talked about roles in recent years. And according to Deadline, the protagonist of The Last of Us is very close to becoming superhero The Fantastic Four.

Can you imagine the Chilean actor as Reed Richards? Because that is precisely the character they are attributing to him. At the moment there is nothing signedbut according to close sources who have spoken with the middle American, everything is going in “the right direction” to make it a reality.

The oldest problem is the agendaobviously, with Pascal fully immersed in Gladiator 2 and with the second season of The Last of Us in the near future. Filming this type of films and series takes a long time and being able to combine everything is very complicated. However, the media assures that they are working on it to find a solution and that he can do everything, so Marvel’s interest is very high of course.

This news comes after during a long time were talking about the possibility of John Krasinski for the lead role (especially after his cameo in Doctor Strange 2) and the constant request from fans that Emily Blunt become Sue Storm.

However, the director of The Fantastic Four, Matt Shakman, said at the beginning of the year that the Krasinski thing was just a rumor and the chances of him reprising the role became increasingly faded. Recently Adam Driver was also talked aboutbut the Pedro Pascal thing seems for now the closest to the reality of what they are deciding at Marvel (although the studio has not wanted to make any statements about it).

It is not unreasonable to think that the actor Game of Thrones could be your main option, not only because of how good an actor he is and because he has already worked with Disney, but because he is one of the most beloved performers by the public and at this time in Marvel needs to give fans good reasons to come back to the theaters like before.

We will have to wait to find out if the forecasts are finally met or if Feige and company give a surprise. Taking into account that the tape has been delayed until 2025, You can pass long time until the cast is officially announced. Although looking at Marvel’s results lately, casting is certainly the least of the concerns that fans should have.


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