Patty Brard thinks that Douwe Bob also has a sniffing problem

Patty Brard thinks that Douwe Bob not only has a major alcohol problem, but is also extremely addicted to alcohol. “I find it very striking that this is not mentioned.”


Douwe Bob behaved like an animal on the village square of Abcoude and the images No lie: the village will never be the same after his arrival. The singer’s PR tactic is useful: immediately after the incident, before the images leaked, he told a alcohol problem and go to an addiction clinic.

Coke problem

But is that the only problem Douwe has? Not according to Yvonne Coldeweijer and she knows basically everything about the celebrities. “Douwe Bob will soon enter rehab. Because of an alcohol problem. And coke of course, but that’s not included because that sounds less fun. He knows that about André junior and Tino,” she writes juice channel.

It is inevitable that this will result in yet another nonsense documentary on Videoland. ‘Celebrities with an addiction’ has become a common genre there, alongside ‘comedy’, ‘drama’ and ‘thriller’. “Douwe is already shooting for his documentary, so they can immediately pick up this victim role,” says Yvonne.

What does Patty say?

Patty Brard chimes in Show news that she finds it lame that Douwe does not mention his coke problem. “I always find it so striking that everyone who goes into rehab and does something about their ‘drinking problem’ never says that there are other problems at play, because usually it is not just drink, but also drugs, but that is then seen as ‘rock ‘n roll’.”

Colleague Bart Ettekoven: “That’s always a bit covered up, isn’t it?”

Bad service

Private boss Evert Santegoeds states that Douwe’s management has confirmed this. “I said that yesterday, that there are three things (sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, ed.) and his management said it too, but alcohol was the main problem.”

He concludes: “But with alcohol comes drugs and with drugs comes alcohol. That goes right. In any case, he has done his career a disservice.”

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