Patrícia Ramos accuses her ex-husband of sentimental fraud, domestic violence and stalking

The presenter and influencer Patricia Ramos confirmed the information disclosed by the columnist Matheus Baldi on the morning of this Tuesday, 31st, about the supposed reasons for the end of her marriage with the businessman Diogo Victory. The journalist said that what led to the end of the relationship were accusations from the famous woman to her ex of theft through fraud, embezzlement with fraudulent misrepresentation, bodily harm and betrayal.

On her Instagram profile, Patrícia reaffirmed that she presented a criminal report to the detriment of her ex-partner, as well as reiterating the accusations for the crimes of: sentimental embezzlement, domestic violence in physical, moral, psychological and patrimonial forms, embezzlement with ideological falsehood, theft through fraud and stalking.

Furthermore, the celebrity’s lawyers requested a protective measure so that Diogo does not get close to her and her family.

Read the full statement:

The Souza e Rangel office, representing Patrícia Ramos in this process, informs that yesterday (30) crime news was presented to the detriment of her ex-spouse, for the crimes of sentimental fraud, domestic violence in the physical, moral, psychological and
property, embezzlement with fraudulent misrepresentation, theft through fraud and stalking. The lawyers requested, based on evidence presented and imminent risk, a request for a protective measure, assessed and granted in the judicial department of the Court of Justice of the State of Rio de Janeiro. A letter was also immediately issued notifying the ex-spouse of this decision, so that he does not approach Patrícia Ramos and her family, as well as make contact through any other means of communication.

On her X profile (formerly Twitter), Patrícia Ramos also made an outburst.

On his Instagram profile, Diogo Vitório said “that all details will be clarified in due time”.

Diogo Vitório speaks out after accusations
Diogo Vitório speaks out after accusations/Reproduction/Instagram/@diogo_vitorio (Credit:Rerodução/Instagram/@diogo_vitorio)

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